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Favorite Race/Class Combos

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Norn female anything. Followed by human female anything. Then, sylvari female anything. Now that my libido is out of the way, there are some ideas I always thought was interested.

Human Female Engineer. Essentially it is a brains over brawn type of scenario. Not being as big or muscular as men or the other races, the Engineer has to use her wits and gadgetry to even the playing field.

Sylvari Guardian. Any gender. I like the idea of a tree that throws around fire. It's ironic.

Asura Ranger. Any gender. Taming an animal is a much bigger deal when they're much bigger than you. When any other race tames a wolf, it's tuesday, but when an Asura tames a wolf it is an epic triumph over a monstrous beast.

Female Norn Mesmer. Most people make their mesmers waifish and small, but IMO it is a lot more interesting to have the mysterious illusionist be an impossibly large woman.

Asura warrior. Any gender. Again, the size thing generates such dissonance. You get this bobble-headed rat-mollusk, dressed to the nines in sprouting flames and spiky armor, flailing around its weaponry frenetically. It's adorable.

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Sylvari female combo for me. Has arguably the best voice lines in the game, and more interesting customization options for appearance(like, selecting unusual skin colors) - while still look human (and have no issues with finding a good looking piece of armor as non-humans have). Also, human females look like some dolls to me. Sylvary are much more realistic, so to say.

For the classes, I've found Elementalist, Necro, Engi and may be Thief more or less interesting to play. Others are too plain and simple (except mesmer, but I dislike broken OP classes in general :D).

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Asura Engineer but after 4 years of playing Meh! 9 Charr for 9 professions (1 male), 2 female Asura( Warrior/Guardian), 3 Sylvari (Engineer/Mesmer/Necro), 1 Male(Warrior) & 3 female Norn (Thief/Guardian/Rev)..........................................................I just noticed that i have made an alpha male Charr and a Norn with 3 wifes...........

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