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Where do you get obsidian Shards?

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@SilentRage.3572 said:I usually get about 10 of those by doing a Silverwastes run.You can also buy them directly with Bandit Crests.

I've found SW to be quite a good source for these.

If you're into WvW, you can also get a lot of them by completing maguuma reward tracks. I'm sitting on about 1000 of them atm, and as I'm already max storage on fulgerite..... :disappointed:

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@"Cragga the Eighty Third.6015" said:In addition to the list on the wiki, if you get one of those Ley-Energy Matter Converters from doing the Dragon's Stand meta in less than 20 minutes, or a Karmic Converter from the Exotic Collector achievement, you often have the option to buy obsidian shards with Hot currencies or karma respectively.

That's great for veterans to top off, without having to do much work. I don't recommend it for the OP, who is relatively new.

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