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Request for female version of "The Emperor"

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@"SpellOfIniquity.1780" said:As title states. There is an alternate female version for God of PvP (Goddess) so we know it's possible to do. Would love to see The Empress as well.

For reference, The Emperor is a fashion title.

Yes and its most likely taken from the emperors new clothes there were no empress.Same as there is no killer king since killer queen is from the song.

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Regardless of whether 'Emperor' is gender-neutral, I see no problem with having "The Empress" as a title as well - in spite of any other meaning, it does mean "a female ruler of an empire".

I think the only states in the game with an Emperor are Cantha and the Dominion of Winds. The Canthan laws of succession only allow male emperors, which would suggest that 'Emperor' might be gender specific in Tyria. (As far as I can tell, we don't know anything about the Tengu emperor.) There is an Empress mentioned in Factions, and she appears to have been a female ruler of an empire, not an emperor's wife.

Of course, this is a game in which most of the so-called "Primeval Kings" seem to be female...

What do the French/German/Spanish versions do for titles where the gender doesn't match that of the player character? Surely this sort of thing is a bigger problem for them, since those languages are much more heavily gendered than English?

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Personally, I think it's unnecessary. Some terms are gender neutral, some that appear gender-specific aren't really in the context, and some have a historical context which would be undermined by providing a second version.Killer Queen is a song title, The Emperor's New Clothes is a fable. If we start bowdlerizing everything, then we might as well go whole hog porcine creature and turn them into Killer Sovereign and The Sovereign's New Clothes and probably I'm Richard You Know.

If ANet chooses to adjust, I'd prefer that

  • They leave the choice up to us. I would always choose "Fractal God," regardless of the gender of the character.
  • Do it for all such terms at once, not one-at-a-time, as they've done in the past. That is: stick to a policy, which ever it is.
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