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[Suggestion] The UI as a whole needs some rework since it has become way too bloated over time.

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Since no addons are allowed to fix the mess the most of the UI tabs in the game have become there is a need for some spring cleaning.First lets start with the LFG.First it needs to lump together the expansion zones and add filters that can be saved and several default tag buttons for each map under the search bar. It needs to separate the HOT, POF and living world maps, so there is more visibility for the groups. Also it should show if the map is full by marking it in some way. This also means that when the squad is made there should be a tag of the map by default the current one and it can be changed with default tag checkbox over the text field with option to add saved tags.The same applies to dungeons , all of them should be in the same list.The Crafting UI has too many stuff in it. It needs favorite check for recipes and the option to change the lay out of the tabs.The alphabetical order is not helping anyone, for one i don't need to craft backpacks every day.The Achievement UI is reaching the point of bloat also in the daily and Story tabs. Also it needs a key bind button separate from the Hero panel.For the inventory it needs a separate button for deposit all materials and even maybe a key bind for it.

If anyone has something to add or disagree please do. Some brainstorming will help and maybe something will make its way into the game.

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I've mentioned before that crafting would be greatly improved if the filters and collapsed groups where remembered between play sessions. That alone would simplify a lot my crafting needs at least.

I've also thought that reducing the number of categories would be good for the lfg, but then each lfg will need to list the map it takes place in (it could be a dropdown menu which is automatically filled with the current map).

I would condense categories to hot, ls3, pof, ls4.

There are other things that could be improved, such as the dungeon shops, I would condense all those menus into two: weapons, armors, and then have tabs for each dungeon when browsing wares.

But.... I've been waiting six years to be able to hide nameplates of my pets / party / squad members, so I am not holding out my breath for any ui updates. At this point, I consider the ui as I do dungeons: abandoned content. :D

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I agree, the UI needs a MASSIVE overhaul. ArenaNet has been slowly changing the game's major system without fully changing the UI to accomodate them.

My biggest peeve is with the item preview window (it's so small that most greatswords don't fit in there, and don't even begin on testing a specific dye). But most UI elements need an overhaul.

I doubt very much we will get one any time soon, though.

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@Yamazuki.6073 said:Timers on Buffs/Debuffs would be good, even as an option.I almost forgot about these the boons and conditions are hard to keep track of, the icons are too small and having all of the conditions and some boons at the same time fills the whole bar. In pvp is nightmare you have to look constantly at the bar and not pay attention to the action. Also in other games started giving indication how much hp you would lose with DOT damage. Also the timer would be nice, i had a situation where i have managed to cleanse all of the conditions except cripple and after a while after leaving it to tick out i scrolled with the mouse to see it was stacked to 2 minutes, the way it works its based on the vanilla design with the short duration buff/debuffs but having them stack over 10 seconds has made the tick out animation meaningless.I know they like their minimalist UI but it doesn't help with clarity in game.

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@"Vancho.8750" said:Also it should show if the map is full by marking it in some way. This also means that when the squad is made there should be a tag of the map by default the current one and it can be changed with default tag checkbox over the text field with option to add saved tags.

For squads, sure, but which "the" map do you mean for ordinary groups? There is no leader in an ordinary group, so you can't say "the leader's". If the group members are spread across multiple maps, or, worse, across multiple instances of the same map, what then?

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There is always a leader which should be the creator of the group. and the system should adjust to the creator' map not the rest of the group.

And yes.. LFG needs a huge overhaul.. of course, you can get used to it over time, but it is really confusing to new players.I will always check evry map if there is some meta i would like to join, so why not merge the maps by expansions/seasons to make it easier to see?If i could see HoT squads in one tab, listing all the map and squad names.. That would be absolutely amazing to me. Same goes to all other big clumps of content like PoF and Seasons. Achievements should all be merged with them as well I find it stupid that you have to look for achievements in their own tab. Like who goes there apart from ppl that want to list their groups? xDSame for story mode... Just merge them all into one tab, make sure to show which expansion and episode is it about, and that's it.

Dungeons should be all merged in a group, and just show which dungeon is it about.. so you can easily see if there is some group that needs more ppl instead of having to click thru all the 123125133412 312381273812 dungeons and getting search locked 5 times in the meantime.

What is the Mentoring section supposed to used for? o.o Does anyone ever use the "Roleplay" section? Why are the Festivals section always available, even if there is nothing like that happening at the moment?

These small things could greatly speed up matchmaking.

Achievement tab really needs its own keybind as most UI windows. You don't have to give them default keybinds, let the players bind them if they want to, it's just nice to have the option.

Try to rework the mount selection, the mount addon wheel works almost perfectly. Something like that should probably be incorporated into the game. I don't get why it's not been done already. It's so much more cleaner to press just one button to access all your mounts than having to remember 8 buttons just so you can mount up.

Same goes out for the DPS meters... I feel like even if you don't endorse addons, you clearly allow them to be a thing.. so why not just provide them a platform to strive on? They could make the game feel more costumizable and fresh.

I wish the inventory was more compact, idk if i want it to take up the whole screen. A special button to "Compact" and "Deposit Materials" next to the cogwheel would be greatly appreciated.

The biggest thing that annoys me is the currency button, and that only one currency is showing on each maps.Like on Dragonfall is would be nice if it showed my "Volatile Magic, Mist Motes and Keys" not just "Keys". It's annoying to have to keep clicking on the currency tab which can't be bound either, to check if i reached my goal of volatile magic or not. There is just so much space to display information, and it's not used at all.

I really hope that the upcoming "builds" feature will have an inbuilt storage for your builds instead of having to store them in your inventory or your bank.

Do the same thing as you did with the Sky scale masteries for the Ancient Magics, Roller Beetle and Crystal Champion sections maybe? Hide till they are unlocked. Or at least make them not lock your XP till you unlock them.

Crafting UI should have your daily craftings at the front, that's what you care about daily.Maybe put ascended stuff in the front as well, as you are more likely to craft those than rares.

Revolutionize cooking. We don't need 500 cooking until the market the market is fixed. Get rid of the abundance of materials some way, either get rid of the nodes, or put them into use.. Like converting a lot of them into something that's worth it. It's retarded that we have crafting stuff that are so worthless you can't even sell on the TP lol or just make them rarer by not having 100% harvesting chance, sometimes you can loot rotted flax seeds or cabbages.

I really wish we had an ElvUI like addon in GW2. That thing changed my experience forever in wow. And i loved it.

Sorry for writing too much. Hope you didn't feel suicidal after reading all this.

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I don't think it's that bad, but I wouldn't be opposed to a more streamlined and user friendly approach. The UI is the most dated aspect of the entire game for sure.

However, it also poses as the most difficult thing to adjust in the game. The devs mentioned many times how much of a pain it is to work with and that changes to it require a lot of effort and time.

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If squad UI is on topic, I'd personally like to see an option to see all 10 people in the non-grid view.Currently it only shows your subgroup to a maximum of 10.In raids it would be nice to see everone, maybe even seperated by a little line to distinquish subgroups.

On a related note the grid view UI might also benefit from a little attention, especially when you hover over it and the entire box shows, I think that is a bit annoying too.

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