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Taco in WvW?

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@Last Crysis.1934 said:

@"steki.1478" said:Why would you want to hide from people in open world pvp zone to begin with? Besides, deadeye and stealth still exist.

I don't like to pvp so I only flip camps. I hide so ppl don't gank me while I wait for a camp timer to count down.

You can hide in spawn or far away from the camp, where people don't go. Every camp has "safe zones".

What I don't understand is why bother playing content that you're not even enjoying, especially if it's stressful and when you need to do months and months of it.

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@Last Crysis.1934 said:Someone said they you could use taco in WvW to see the enemy is this true? And if it is true how is that fair? I already am not the big fan of WvW but if I want legendary items I am required to go there. It makes hiding impossible from ppl with taco.

You can use [TACO] to see the enemy though. If one of our guild is on, you just share participation to scout.

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