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Mystic Forge: community goal reached

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I've been trying to make the sword, but it isn't working. It accepts all the ingredients, when I click 'forge' I get the animation where they all go up, but then it resets. Any idea what's up? Is it because the sword I am using is account bound?

EDIT--Okay, it worked in Lion's Arch, but not in the forge in Mistlock Sanctuary.

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@Ashantara.8731 said:

@Wyldeu.1649 said:It is not working in LA for me now. Is that cos the event is over ?

Once the goal has been reached, the event ends. Took quite long this time around, so it's a pity you missed it.

I think he means the forge recipe to make Old Ascalon, not the event. That recipe would only work after the event ends so it should be working. There is a known anomaly listed on the WIKI page that it only works at the forge in LA.

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