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Energy (Legend Juice) Suggestion.


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Just a random suggestion, feel free to leave feedback.

Revenants start at 100 Energy.

Legend Swap restores 100 Energy and removes Upkeep.

Skill Energy cost removed.

Each skill cast will +1 ~ +3 Upkeep.

Healing skill adds no Upkeep.

Can keep casting weapon skills or utility skills as long as they are off cooldown, but will keep stacking Upkeep which will drain Energy over time.

Previous Upkeep skills will be changed to consume 1 Energy per second up to 3 Energy per second based on how long it has been active.

So basically the Revenant can keep using skills as cooldowns allow, but instead of totally deleting yur Energy, it will stack up the drain per second to the point yur Energy Bar just flatlines and require a Legend Swap to refresh.

If th Energy bar flatlines, all Upkeep is removed and start to regenerate Energy rapidly.

Can be traited to regenerate faster if the Energy is drained in this manner.

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I actually like this concept because it kinda reminds me of the GW1 energy system. It just feels like it.

I would really like if Revenant's energy system for tweaked since things have gotten very complicated (I don't mean challenging). It just doesn't make sense to have all weapon Skill, utilities and F-skills cost Energy and have CD.

I could see Energy working in this weird way like a Reverse Warror Adrenaline - where you actually start at 100 and manage your way to make the best of it.

I like the idea, I don't see anything being changed - Devs are scared od touching Rev issues. But I like the concept.

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Seems like arbitrary changes to the class that will just make everyone who plays and mains it relearn how to play it almost entirely. Let's not be Chronomancer please

Also upkeeps for regular skills? The whole concept is confusing and doesn't make sense. The intent of Upkeep Skills from GW1 was a buff that drained energy and was constantly active, just like Revenant Upkeeps currently. Adding "Upkeep Debuffs" or something on all regular 1 time 1 cast skills, Precision Strike for example, just sounds bloated and doesn't reflect the GW1 upkeep skills at all, which is the entire reason Revenant has upkeeps

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An interesting concept for an elite i think (changing core rev/current e-specs is a strict no-go, many people currently playing rev would hate it simply because they enjoy the currnet system more). Ngl, it sounds a lot more cohesive as a theme than a lot of rev elite suggestions.

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