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Showcase Your Elementalist!

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Copied from the other thread:

@AegisRunestone.8672 said:Say hello to Cynthia Rycher--the Scion of Storms!Pictures:G20iWf0.jpgFjWnfcJ.jpg

Equipment skins:Head: Feathered HairpieceShoulders: CabalistBody: Vestments of the LichGloves: Sorcerer's LiveryLeggings: Ornate Guild LeggingsBoots: Stately Footwear Illustrious StridersWeapons: Two Mystic Spikes (double dagger)

Cynthia is a tease, prankster, and master of lightning magic. You can tell she likes blue, silver, and white from her outfit. :p Her whole build is designed around striking enemies with lightning as much as possible. Hence, one of her daggers has a Superior Sigil of Air--50% chance on crit to summon a lightning bolt on target. (3 sec cooldown), and her armor has a complete set of Air Runes. Number 6 increasing Swiftness duration, but more importantly, a 50% chance when hit to strike a foe with Lightning (10 sec cooldown).

She also has Tempest Defense which creates a Shocking Aura around her when disabled, and since Shocking Aura can disable foes, she also specced into Lightning Rod for maximum random lightning strike potential. (Other spec lines are Arcane and Water).

She usually stays in Air Attunement, rarely swapping to others unless needed. And she's fun to play. She uses the following skills: Lightning Flash (the lightning teleport cantrip), Arcane Shield, Glyph of Storms (I bet you can guess what type of Storm. ;) ), and Tornado.

I doubt she'd be good in WvW and I don't think PvP has Runes or Sigils of Air, so that would hurt her "Scion of Storms" gimmick a lot. But she's loads of fun in PvE. =)

I have another Ele, my Weaver named Aegis Runestone (yup, same as my account name) and I'll show him off later.

Changed her boots' skin recently. Here's a screenshot which represents her better:

! UaHqxsZ.jpg

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Mallalai is named after my Guild Wars 1 Elementalist, who I envision as her ancestor.tumblr_oy32foNFMa1uy6q2bo3_1280.jpg


Her build:tumblr_oxzj4mqUGA1uy6q2bo1_1280.jpg


This is also the only character I have named after one of my Guild Wars 1 characters. Mallalai was a name I picked out of a 'baby names' website back in 2005 when I first got Guild Wars, as my Elementalist.

The way I imagine her story, is that the oddly named Ascalonian (it's a name from India) went to Elona and fell in love with the vibrant and charming continent, and eventually started her family there. Later when Palowa took over, the now Elonan family fled north to Kryta and became a part of the Elonian community of Divinity's Reach. I imagine one daughter of every few generations being given the name Mallalai and trained in the elemental arts... and now, 300 years later, the story of that family resumes in my new Elementalist that was made on 'early access launch day' for Guild Wars 2.

(Back during GW1, I made Mallalai as maybe my third or fourth character, but before Nightfall came out. I remade a few characters with Nightfall because at the time you could not use the Nightfall skins or hairs unless your character was made to start there - and I liked the quests there more anyway, but the Elementalist had fallen to a mostly unused alt so I didn't remake her. For some reason though, she is the one I continued in GW2... Maybe because my 'mains' were a pair of Monks, Ascalonian and Elonan, and a Canthan Ritualist - none of which I could remake).

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@Slowpokeking.8720 said:

I named her Elsa to be a water/ice ele but later found red/fire looks better!

What are your graphics settings? For me since 2013 this game has had extreme 'contrast' of too bright and too dark at the same time, and in that spot in Divinity's reach I can usually barely see anything because the lighting glows too much...

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@Kichwas.7152 said:

@Slowpokeking.8720 said:

I named her Elsa to be a water/ice ele but later found red/fire looks better!

What are your graphics settings? For me since 2013 this game has had extreme 'contrast' of too bright and too dark at the same time, and in that spot in Divinity's reach I can usually barely see anything because the lighting glows too much...

I have a very dark graphic setting on my screen.

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I already posted in: Post your Elementalist:

As Guild Wars Legacy player who pre-purchased the game, I started playing during the first beta weekends. But in GW1 and GW2 I almost exclusively played Elementalist. However, only a few weeks after the game's official release I more of less got disappointed by the new weapon-based skill system and could not find a build that suited a convenient playing style for me. This ultimately resulted in taking a long break with the game until around the Season 1 finale. But after this break I gave the game a second try and found a nice and convenient Scepter/Dagger build which focused on Earth Magic and condition damage. (Bleeding) Having finally found a nice build I quickly found myself back into the game, finishing the main story line. Here I regained an old hobby of me, namely Title/Achievement Hunting like I did in GW1. I also find great enjoyment in just exploring the game, including trying to break out of the normal accessible parts of the map and void jumping.

The new achievement system has proven to be a good motivator for me to try out new content and game modes, including WvW and some PvP. I still consider myself to only be a casual player but I enjoy the game and hope to continue to have a wonderful journey through the beautiful world of Tyria.

My Elly and main char Aranimda on GW2 Wiki

Build GWSkillsScepter/Dagger, Full celestial.


And with mount:QVdpZCt.jpg

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Out of all of my toons, my Elementalist is the one I'm most proud of.


Usually I keep the gloves, shoulder, and helmet hidden. Anyway, I spent a lot of time sculpting this face. I actually tried to make it look good. Most of my other faces I sort of played with the sliders until I got something interesting.


I think norn women are underrated. The other races tend to be soft and waifish, but there's something about power...



I also have a warbeast set for healing armor.


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