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What pets are you using and why?


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Wolf and Jacaranda for the most part : I use my wolf to interrupt enemies, and fusion with my Jacaranda to access more heals when the situation requires.

For underwater, I Do actually use an arctodus, soooo, not much better than you there :p Used to be I favored the armored fish, Simply because it seemed more natural, but Bear type pets tend to help a lot underwater when your damage is lacking, or your health is low.

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Smokescale and Lightning Wyvern.

Smokescale just because it's hands down one of the best pets in terms of mobility, damage and defense potential all in one.And Lightning Wyvern helps me cover a big weakness my PvE build has for solo play.. lack of decent CC.Wyvern gives me a lot of CC potential with it's attacks and it's lightning field which I can combo into a daze.. very useful against breakbars when im soloing stuff.

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For power builds:

Smokescale and River Drake

Smokey because it provides a ton of damage and some evasion while merged. River Drake because it gives some okayish support underwater.

For condi builds:

Iboga and Shark

Iboga because vomiting confusion on things is fun, also its pull is really useful. Shark because sharks are cool (Also Charging Bite is dope)

Utility pets:

Brown Bear and Siamoth for champ soloing, Bear is tanky af while Siamoth is fairly tanky and comes with a knockdown that helps with breakbars.

Bristleback for if I just want a pet to sit back and not die (Such as if I'm playing Druid) which Bristly does just fine with its ranged DPS.

Jacaranda if I want some more sustain.

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Play soulbeast so mainly one pet.I use the fernhound because its gives quite a lot with its tool kit.

Hard CC, Mobility and a heal.Plus additional heals and regen when not merged.

As backup i use a jacaranda for more burst damage and sustain when less CC and mobility is needed.

For underwater i use the shark and one of the jelly fish.Mainly because shark has also good mobility and CC. But also a lot of burst damage although more condition focussed.Jelly fishes give nice sustain and CC.

Gamemode PvE only.

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For PvP/WvW:

A bird is essential if you're not running GS or staff. You need mobility for disengage. Owl is my most used, and unfortunately its f2 got hit pretty hard due to spvp nerfs.

For 3's, I used only Jacaranda for its cleave, and heals. I might switch to it for the new Conquest season, given how hard the Owl got hit.

Hyena is best for zerging/gvg's. You get a nice gap closer/escape, a knockdown, and a huge aoe CC.

Smokescale for roaming power builds in WvW.

Siamoth if you need the extra invuln, cc, and stunbreak. One of its Soulbeast abilities does like 8k damage.

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@"Revolution.5409" said:Power Soulbeast Pet:

  1. Smokescale
  2. Gazelle
  3. Owl
  4. Siamoth

Condi Soulbeast:

  1. Lynx


  1. Smokescale
  2. Jacaranda
  3. Electric wyvern

Support Druido:

  1. Tiger (crit)
  2. stalker (might)
  3. Moa Pink (daze)

Condi Druido:

  1. Iboga
  2. Bristleback

These are the ones I use the most.

These are the pets that I use with the specializations, I choose which one to equip according to what I have to do.Instead when I play with Core Ranger I use Smokescale and Gazelle.

As an aquatic pet I mainly use the Shark, alternatively Armor Fish, never used others other than these two. XD

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  • Rock Gazelle and Red MoaJust your standard Power Soulbeast Raid set up


  • For my core power ranger: Snow Leopard and SmokescaleI used to run owl with this build, as it was arguably the strongest pet we had, but the nerfs to its beast abilities really gutted the dmg pressure it could provide. I did some testing with moving targets and found that cats generally were the stickiest and had the best dps overall. I ended up choosing between Tiger and Snow leopard and the snow leopard won due to the added chill. I choose smokescale over something like a dog or gazelle because it imo has the most consistent CC + blind/stealth capabilities. Remember, when you swap to smokescale, they always first smoke assault to target and then instantly use their CC when they come out. Its almost unavoidable unless your opponent saves a dodge, after which u can punish them hard. I also run axe/axe which allows me to guarantee weakness with my axe 3 and smokescale.

  • For my condo slb: Owl and SiamothFor this build, I merge owl for mobility and against any class where I need to kite. If i'm fighting a power class like warrior, I merge with siamoth. Also the boons!

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I play Power Druid in WvW and enjoy using Smokescale and Wolf :)For underwater, I like the Shark and Reef Drake.


  • Provides smoke field for stealth and blindness combos
  • Can stick to target more easily with smoke assault
  • Has a CC in its attack chain


  • AoE fear as its f3 skill
  • Has a CC in its attack chain


  • Has a CC in its attack chain
  • Lets me have a shark named Nibbles :)
  • Nice mobility when merged if you're running Soulbeast

Reef Drake

  • Creates a dome that reflects projectiles --> Useful for defense/escaping

Armored Fish

  • Also a nice option for on-demand CC through its f3 skill
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@"Headhunter.4796" said:So much fun to read all your comments and try out different setups - appreciated guys! Level 74 now, so soon hitting 80 and unlocking ‘normal difficulty’ instead of faceroll style so far :sweat_smile:

If you still cannot have pets from the expansion, the Wolf and the Jungle Stalker are among the best in my opinion and easy to obtain, in these links you can see the positions.


The Jaguar and Krytan Drakehound are also excellent choices, have similar abilities, only the f2s change.


What I would use most of the time is the Jungle Stalker which with the f2 gives us Might as Boons, a good way to always maximize our damage.

If you don't want to wait any longer to get better pets, just use a Teleport to Friend and so you can get them by teleporting directly to their position with the help of a friend. :)

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