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Scourge UI Bug : 4 weeks, 5 or 6 patches, STILL NOT FIXED!!!

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It's not even like this is a particularly niche bug that's hard to reproduce - it happens every single time you're transformed, be that dismounting, tonics, or anything else.


I do hope A-Net are actually aware of the issue, but I'm starting to doubt it, given that they haven't posted in the News and Announcements section about it like they usually do for major issues such as this.

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People need to have some patience, developers prioritize things and this would likely be pretty minor. UI only that really doesn't affect gameplay (I used scourge frequently in raids / open world and have no problem maintaining shades or dps.)


Have some patience, I guarantee they know about it and will fix it when they can. Raging doesn't help anyone.

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Also having that issue. It's really annoying. Can we get our yellow Scourge bar back along with the Sand Shade diamonds?


I reported it in game. I suggest we all do the same, and on at least a weekly basis, maybe even daily. They can't keep ignoring us.

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