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  • This issue is still not fixed at least for my account. I put in a ticket just now but I was hoping it would have been resolved for everyone by now. I was excited to play the next episode too but can't due to being kicked either before it loads or when it is just starting a cinematic scene while one someone is making a speech. I was helping some guild mates take a hideout in the crystal dessert and I kept getting kicked from there. Thankfully it was not at times that were crucial since we were only doing a 5 man raid. Sometimes I can't even log into a character. Either way it is super frustrating and makes me not want to even get on. I have been playing this game since it came out. Makes me sad that at this time I can't really play it even when I have the actual time to play it. Below is just one of the many error codes I get before it kicks me back to the character screen. I have restarted my computer, checked my internet, re-downloaded my client, check background software, and anything else that could have any affect and have found nothing wrong on my end. I hope this issue gets fixed soon. I have a week off in December and would love to play but if not I will have to find some other game to fill up my time.

    [C:\Users\Kelsey\Documents\Guild Wars 2\Screens\gw456.jpg](C:\Users\Kelsey\Documents\Guild Wars 2\Screens\gw456.jpg "C:\Users\Kelsey\Documents\Guild Wars 2\Screens\gw456.jpg")

  • The same situation during this week, disconnected during fight in WvW, World Bosses, Meta Events etc.. hope they will fix soon, btw seems that implementing "new" useful feature like falling damage or slowing ress speed it's waaay more important :)