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What are the most OP specs atm?


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6 hours ago, DanSH.6143 said:

For me the list goes as follows:

1) power rev

2) support core guard

3) scourge (if played with support core guard)

4) valk ranger

5) d/p daredevil

Is this a list of good, or OP?

We have different definitions of OP.


1. Weak to condi, not mobile outside a enemy spread.

2. No damage, this is ok for support.

3. Can be focused, choice is damage or support now.

4. The pets that hit 7-8k crits need to be shaved, and all pet cc needs a warning growing red circle.

5. If you say so.

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Core necro, scourge and some guard builds are the only builds I've fount to be outliers, if anet reigns those in then the balance wouldn't be to bad in competitive modes.

1 remove stealth on trapper rune, give it a different boon.

2 increaae core shroud degeneration and decrease scourge barrier, decrease necros corruption potential slightly. There's a few things that could be nerfed on core necro and scourge but nerfing one aspect at a time and seeing where the build sits is better than nerfing multiple things and making them unplayable which is never the good route, except for MM necro builds as those should always be a sub optimal option in competitive modes.

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