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Which is worse: weaver or chrono


Which one?  

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  1. 1. Let the contest commence

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Unfortunately it is weaver.  All the weaver does is damage, it has no weapon swap, it has a terribly limited toolbox, and it is quite hard to play.  Chronomancer, while doing less damage than weaver, has a much larger toolbox, a weapon swap, can fulfill multiple roles in a group, has higher quality CC, and once you master the continuum split burst rotation it is easier to play.

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Both are pretty decent imo. The only reason chrono feels lacking is because mirage & virtuoso simply are alot better in most cases. It's still a fair option for quickness support imo since the August 2nd balance patch (especially when comparing it with catalyst). Weaver is the top dps pick for ele right now, so definitely wouldn't call it bad. With the upcoming changes to ele it seems like power Weaver Will get a decent buff (probably ~36k on relatively easy build) and condi weaver a small dps boost to a spec that's already benching pretty high (38.5k atm). It lacks group support, but got decent amount of defiance breakbar skills. With perma boon uptime already provided by pretty much any group you're not missing out that much. 

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For what type of game play?

Open world they both good but weaver is better in soloing champs and more selfish style chrono can share more boons and support others.

condi weaver can melt trash mobs quicker then chrono.

both can be fund in raids, strike, fract  support for chrono and dps for weaver.

Pvp : weaver

wvw chrono

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3 hours ago, SamuelW.2685 said:

I hear Weaver is pretty good with Celestial, but idk, I'm thinking of making  a Cele weaver but I'm afraid I might just be wasting a armour set 

I use celestial weaver to great effect in WvW.  In PVE I've found more success using... just about every other stat.  Berserker is able to blow most things before they can kill you, and if you need survival it is easy to swap out some of the utilities for Stone Resonance and Arcane Shield.  I've even run Griever Weaver, which as a slower ramp-up than Berserker but is much better at killing hard targets.  When I need to out-heal something dangerous I would use Marshalls, which was my old WvW set before the celestial buff.  Though most of the invincible-weaver builds you'll see videos on re using full Trailblazer.  

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