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Broken Hero Challenge - Searing Cauldron (Iron Marches) [Merged]

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12 hours ago, Crystal Paladin.3871 said:

Maybe something to do with new skyscale collections requiring hpoint interaction

But, the hero point is necessary to complete the map and in turn finish the world map. (Gift of Exploration).

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  • Forum Moderator.3419 changed the title to Broken Hero Challenge - Searing Cauldron (Iron Marches) [Merged]

I contacted support, got this, still cant complete the challenge. I also am at 99% needing this as my last point, I tried the wvw and bought 6, none of them worked.

Thank you for contacting Guild Wars 2 Support Team.
We understand your concern regarding the Searing Cauldron and upon checking, we can see that this hero challenge does not have the same starting icon as the many of the other ones of the commune type. 
In addition to this, you cannot use the cauldron to produce an Ultra Hot Sphere while Quartz Crystals are also in your inventory in addition to the sphere's ingredients. Instead, you will only be shown the prompt to produce a Charged Quartz Crystal until the quartz is no longer in your inventory or you make a charged crystal at a different hero challenge.

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