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Amazon Servers

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I've been working on everything for a months trying to figure it out why I have this extra lag and it turns out it wasn't Professor Plum, Colonel Mustard or any of the rest. It was Anet with the Amazon Servers. Undo it Anet, just undo it. On a side note I broke 4k ms last night (personal record) in a 3 way fight on red borderlands.

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Overall, ANet's data shows better ping/uptime for more people than before, slightly worse for a few, and (as with any transition) far worse for a fraction. Additionally, in many cases, the increased latency isn't because ANet is using Amazing/AWS, but because of the transition; apparently some networks are slow to update to recognize the change.

Regardless of what others are experiencing (good or bad), your situation needs its own troubleshooting:

  • Run PingPlotter or similar software to track down the pathing and data loss for your route
  • Send that data to ANet via a support ticket.
  • Optional: also post on the forums (sometimes a fellow player can diagnose the issue)

@"SlippyCheeze.5483" wroteIt's possible that the problem is anet, ... [however] ... the Internet is built in a way that three to five companies handle your traffic, if not more, just inside the continental USA. There are lots of places that the problem could spring from that neither end is responsible directly for. :(

https://www.pingplotter.com/fix-your-network has a good guide for identifying where the problem is, but if you have trouble with that feel free to post screenshots from it and we can help work out where it is.

Further Reading
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Stephen Clarke-Wilson commenting more recently about ping (on r/guildwars, but the ideas still apply) (poster's note: I made some minor formatting changes)

We moved to AWS. The AWS servers are awesome - they are the latest generation. In addition, we spun up more than we should really need, based on CPU. In spite of all that, two things have happened:

(1) a bug in [Guild Wars 1] since launch seems to show up more often than it did, which causes some lag. Extra servers help but does not fix that.(2) Anytime we move datacenters internet routing gets messed up and it is substantially out of our control. When we moved Guild Wars from Los Angeles to Dallas, our own routes from the studio still went down to LA and then to Dallas! It’s like the internet has some kind of memory and is slow to adapt.

The best thing you can do is try a free VPN (like ProXPN) and see if it improves your connectivity and ping. Using a VPN seems to get around the bad routing effect (which also gets better over time). The internet is a complicated beast; I heard recently that about 1,000 routing changes a minute occur around the world. Oh my.

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Here's an example of how hard it is to track down latency issues these days:

Lag Issues Solvedby mwrich4

TLDR: My ISP throttles upstream traffic which looks like sporadic lag spikes unless you dig deeper.

I have used modest DSL service for at 4 years, 18Mbps Down / 1.5 Mbps Up. It seems recently that they may have strengthened their throttle strategy. I was led to suspect this issue when I looked at the DSL router home page and saw that the 1 minute UP traffic byte total was close to (1.5M / 8 * 60). The tally on my PC network adapter for a 1 minute period wasn't close to this, so I had to get my son to recognize the issue too.

If you have lag issues, experiment with running a command like 'ping -t' (endlessly ping the google DNS server) in a command window. Keep shutting down applications one by one. Hopefully, you see an improvement along the way. Checking the adapter transfer counts is not to difficult, plus it's possible to use the Windows performance tools to see how much each application is sending/receiving in bytes.

My son and I started shutting down apps one at a time. When we finally got below the limit, traffic was smooth. We weren't doing anything crazy like torrenting or voicing. Just what we considered normal simple stuff. The biggest offender seemed to be leaving the Facebook page open in the background.

I used MultiPing(30-day free trial) to observe the following. When overloaded, once each minute the UP traffic is delayed until the volume falls below the threshold. While you are at the edge of this limit it appears as sporadic lag spikes but the occur at noticeable intervals. As you go higher, the 1-minute heartbeat of the throttle event becomes evident. As you go even higher, the throttling is so severe it was showing as a constant 1,000+ millisecond ping time.

This is probably not the reason that some of us experience high ping, especially in WvW. The point is to emphasize that the reasons are difficult to determine without doing some research. If you have bad ping and want ANet to "do something" about it, then make it easier on them to help: use pingplotter and send them the data or at least open up a support ticket reporting the details you can offer them.

It might be ANet, but it also could be your ISP, or something happening in any of the miles (km) of internet between the two.

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Playing from Australia, it's been substantially worse. The ping numbers themselves haven't really changed (230 to 250, won't really feel much change there), but I'm getting mad lag despite the ping, like teleporting, disconnecting, skills not activating and other such symptoms of either ISP or server related issues

I get 80mbps down and 35mpbs up though and all the traceroutes suggest it's somewhere after the packets reach the US that it starts dropping

Super annoying

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I have a lot of ping lag and dodges don't work :(( skills don't work that well :((( Australian in EU. please don't question why I am in EU and focus on topic about the increased ping and fps issues in generalincreased ping is experienced in normal map content not just in wvw .. overall game performance is not good

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