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Show us your Revenant


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My new 'second' Revenant:jVMNtID.jpghpERajQ.jpgCondition DPS in mostly Ascended Viper's gear. Still need to make the shoulder and back item ascended, and one Accessory is Berserker until I get another 100 pristine fractals (and the underwater gear is just random lolwut stuff O.o)...

My old original Revenant:EWPw4hT.jpgSqo2BJj.jpgThe old one is in an odd sort of "what exactly is my build here?" state. She's basically tabled until I make proper healing gear, and wearing exotic 'haimi' at the moment.

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Damn it's been a while for me.

Anyway, felt like reinventing the look of my revenant. Wanted to go for a more gritty bloodthirsty look without getting too "edgy". Took a good amount of time before I settled on something I was sort of happy with. Didn't want to make things too flashy, and I kind of like the form-fitting nature of the armour.


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On 11/28/2018 at 8:50 PM, Shroud.2307 said:

All my characters besides my Revenant are Human. Initially, it was an Asura but, I was never happy with her style. I dislike most heavy armors as is, but trying to make a decent looking Asura was very hard for me.

Eventually, I decided to go with Norn and, also decided to make a male which I don't usually do.

I'm very, very happy with how he turned out. He is goddamn sexy. Constantly catching myself ogling this hunk of man.

Somber Wolf is his namehttps://i.imgur.com/XndFqnQ.jpghttps://i.imgur.com/BJnXXL2.jpg

EDIT: PS. How do I link photos directly to my comment? Like, how are people's pictures showing up right in the thread without having to click on a link? I've posted it in both the URL and image tabs but it still only shows up as a link?

Hi, could you please tell me, what parts you are wearing here besides Houndskin mantle?


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