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t4 NA has massive content


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I think we’re getting so many contrasting opinions on activity levels because some servers are stacked in certain time zones while others are not.

You get good activity if at least 2 servers with the same stacked time zone meet for the week. Otherwise it’s usually just 1 stacked server flipping the other 2 empty servers.

And generally weekends are your best gauge for activity levels because most guilds and players come on to play. Weekdays have fewer raids.

Ultimately it comes down to there being too many servers and not enough population to evenly stack every different time zone.

Reduce the number of servers to 6 and we should see a drastic improvement in activity levels across all the time zones.

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Ironically, it's probably t1 that lacks content because PPT and avoid fights. This is why everyone avoids it like the plague, except clueless bandwagoners that like to hand Anet their money for making the game mode worse.

Unfortunately, the tanking meta just makes it worse.

In theory you should get more content in "PPT free" tiers, because there is simply nothing to worry about and all you should care about is fighting. In reality this never happens because most people don't actually like to fight; they just like to win. But in any case, it's good to hear that there are those that just want content. You are keeping the game mode alive.

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@Junkpile.7439 said:40 min after reset we have outnumbered in alpine borderlands and after couple hours we have outnumbered in eb too. They should just close wvw and add some good game mode that have some kind of point/goal. :)

For me being on the ktrain side looses the good gameplay effect, usually i log off sometimes even guild comander logs off :/

The same happens when we have outnumbered everywhere.. due how easy t2 and t3 structure are easy to cap not much defending can be done against decent comander with a good core and numbers.

As much it’s what most wvw player want I hate it.. big issue is the gap between server and when one side even if similar size starts loosing, that server vanishes from game after some time, since the low effort gameplay won’t happen.

Most na servers are ktrain and if won’t happens most guilds vanish from game.

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