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Come on Old Lion's Arch Pass!

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@PlagueParade.7942 said:Yeah, I still keep hoping they'll eventually give us one of these to enjoy old LA. It was gorgeous and unique. Would be even cooler if it could handle holding Shadow of the Mad King there as well. I know keep dreaming.

Something I've suggested multiple times is changing LA back to old LA for Halloween with the Mad King saying that he did it because it had character. They could have fun NPC dialog like one NPC saying they were able to recover belongings their old apartment that was destroyed in the attack. They'd have to take the Halloween version of old LA and update it with the current NPCs, services and such but once that's done they would just need to maintain it. They could even bring back the tricolor keys to open the chest in the cave during Halloween.

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I mean I don't see how it wouldn't sell well on the gem store as a passkey and it's not like it's not still in the game files. I do wonder the on the backend how much of a mess it may be to turn into a lounge, but if it's not too bad I'd see no reason why they shouldn't. Personally haven't had a reason to look for another passkey since mistlock came out but I just may pick this one up if it ever was made.

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