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My suggestions to spice up WvW


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Here are a few ideas I have:

Weekend event - Reduced cooldownsWeekend event - Core specs only (no elite spec)Weekend event - Triple WvW exp gainWeekend event - No Warclaw or gliding allowedWeekend event - No fall damageTuesday - Double WvW exp gainFriday - Extra magic find in WvW or Extra rewards from WvW tracks or More tickets from tracks

If at this point WvW 'doesnt matter' in terms of competitiveness lets have fun stuff imo to shake up the stagnant and mundane nature of WvW

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@"pieddroit.2374" links really don't matter. u just transfer out if it's too uncomfy. that is approximately the sales model of Wvw. also t1 is usually rather the weaker servers. it has nothing to do with "crushing".

if u know how to play, u can always farm bigger number servers, since all maps have equal volume for every colors' players. like okay, they will ppt your home border or steal some unholdable exposed towers bc thanks to the cursed warclaw everyone is everywhere within a few seconds. "winning" the ppt score = going t1, it has nothing to do with crushing anything. most serious players don't care about it anyways. so there is no competition about it.

@"Slygray.7051" don't want to dellusion you, but it has proven not very effective to write down any ideas here in the forum. for years not. we made several easy "shakeup" suggestions, like random occuring events - just like u did now.

or like, random starting borders. random EBG starting position. (since the ppt scoring isn't a real competition either way). but we probably have to wait till the DLC drops. maybe then the will finally revive Wvw out of its zombie-state.

while, so many players got lost. in my guild, a "tryhard" fighting Wvw guild, i lately checked the names of old members (who left the guild for various reasons). it was around 30 people who don't even log in anymore apparently. which is kinda more than our current numbers thaha. some ex-guildies that i have still on friends only log in for resets sometimes, some don't log in anymore at all.

also, recruiting serious players gets increasingly harder. the average Wvw-player has become very very casual. i am not sure if those people wouldn't be completely overwhelmed by shaking up the admittedly stale environment of Wvw.

that to be said, notsure if i'd want the event on the weekends. weekends do anyways have most action, the events should be monday till wednesday or sth alike imo, to give people maybe more reasons to log in there as well.

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I'd settle for regular balance patches that take care of over performers but also look into under performing classes and specs. Events are nice but if it's the same classes doing the same roles for months on end then gameplay is still going to feel stale either way.

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