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    @Mini Crinny.6190 said:
    I never saw one post that asked for mounts in WvW

    It's actually pretty funny - the person that initially made a post asking for mounts in wvw seemingly stopped playing not so long after its launch. For the people that remember, it was a certain someone with the pink quaggan avatar.

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    @Mini Crinny.6190 said:

    @archmagus.7249 said:

    @Tiagoht.7549 said:
    Next change based on the cry of the players: removing the only feature released for wvw in the last 10 years. The warclaw

    Sure. PvE gets mounts and WvWers complain about not having a mount, and now that you have a mount you want it removed? Next you're going to say that we shouldn't have gliding.

    I never saw one post that asked for mounts in WvW

    ... You know you can literally search this forum around a certain date, like say PoF release?

    But hey if you want to bet on that, I'll take it.

    Here's my response to one such thread in october 2017:

    "Yes, given how gloriously Anet coded gliders, I can imagine it now...

    Players hopping about midair while their mount is running stationary 20m behind one second and 20m in front the next".

    And now we have mounts still hopping straight up and stationary desync. Funny that.

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  • I like mounts and gliding, no reason to change either. I constantly roam and defend and never been impressed with banners, although it is funny when you see players die to dragon banner because they dont notice it and stay in the field.

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