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Art Issues: Characters, Weapons, Armor



  • Item : Enchanted Dragon Crown (Light)
    Race : Human
    Gender : Female
    Class : Mesmer

    Enchanted Dragon Crown (Light) is not working as intended on light armor. I'm not able to change the color of the aura/glow that surrounds the horns as seen in the screenshots I provided, even tho I clearly dyed them in a different color. They do work perfectly fine on medium/heavy armor tho.

    Light armor:
    Heavy armor:

    Pls quick fixerino ty!

  • Ritualist Outfit
    Female Norn
    This outfit is missing a strap on the back. It looks terrible and I cant unsee it.

    Please fix ty :)

  • Fundor.2098Fundor.2098 Member ✭✭✭
    edited June 27, 2019

    @Fundor.2098 said:
    Item: Blossoming Mist Shard Walkers
    Race: Asura and human
    Gender: Male
    Class: Elementalist
    Description: There appears to be an undyeable bright red part, specific to the shoes. No other Blossoming Mists Shard light armor piece has it.

    Hey @Rubi Bayer.8493 !
    Do you know if anyone is still keeping an eye on this thread? Could you maybe gently nudge someone who might be able to forward these? :3
    It's been well over a month now but we've gotten no word or fix yet. :/ Love the set and can't wait to wear it, boots and all! <3

    (Sorry for posting & tagging to a wrong post first! ^^")

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  • Item: Leather Coat
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Profession: Ranger
    Description: Since the recent patch it appears that pants are now clipping through a few medium armor chestpieces on human females. This is present on others but is very noticeable on the crafted Leather Coat:


  • Item: Bolt
    Race: Norn
    Gender: Female
    Profession: Any

    Size of small fence, looks like 60 pounds of brass:
    Clipping horribly with ground:
    Human female Bolt is better proportioned:

    Description: Can you folks at ArenaNet please make Bolt smaller on Norn females? Currently it's the size of a small fence and looks utterly ridiculous. It's so large it clips with the ground. Please, please, please size this thing down 5-10% or more. It's ridiculous to have such a valuable sword have such awful clipping problems. Bolt is more reasonably sized on human females, for example.

    I know there will probably be a lot of resistance to this change, because for some reason people think that hilariously over-sized one-handed swords in fantasy games are really, really cool. Please ignore those edgelords. I also know that you guys are unlikely to fix clipping issues unless they apply to the human female meta (e.g. the state of Charr and Asura), but please? Just this once? :cold_sweat:

  • Hydraeon.7062Hydraeon.7062 Member
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    Item: Eternity
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Profession: Heavy

    This is a tiny TINY clip, but it's one of those that once noticed...The heavy leggy armour clips SLIGHTLY through the back of eternity.

  • Andyris.3695Andyris.3695 Member
    edited July 12, 2019

    Item: Inquest-Breeches
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Profession: Light

    The Inquest breeches have a narrow stripe of texture missing which allows you to see through the character on the backside of the waist.

    Screenshot below:

  • Item: Verdant Executor Outfit
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Profession: Engineer
    Description: If you hide the helmet of the outfit, long hair will clip through the armour at the neck on the back.

  • Ike Witt.8425Ike Witt.8425 Member
    edited August 1, 2019

    Item: Selfless Tonic
    Profession: Mesmer
    Description: Clones are being created without the selfless tonic.

    I have found that my mesmer is not creating clones properly. I have the Peerless Infusion and the Selfless Tonic on my mesmer. The clones are showing the infusion correctly but there is no halo from the selfless tonic.

  • Najten.2418Najten.2418 Member ✭✭
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    Item: Blossoming Mist Shard Walkers
    Race: All? Checked on Asura, Human, Charr
    Gender: Both
    Class: Mesmer, Necro, Elementalist..
    Description: It would seem that you forgot to add a 4th dye channel to the boots in the Light armor set. All other pieces (apart from the shoulders) have 4, and the boots are stuck with a bright red, undyable patch which just doesn't look right. :(

  • Dragoon.1648Dragoon.1648 Member ✭✭
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    Item: Nightmare Court Guise
    Race: Sylvari
    Gender: Female
    Class: Ranger Thief Inge
    Bug: body goes into the armor, use player Sylvari woman for good loking.

  • Dragoon.1648Dragoon.1648 Member ✭✭
    edited August 29, 2019

    Another bug find,

    I maybe any race and gender
    testing sylvari and Human.

  • Niyeru.6243Niyeru.6243 Member
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    Armor: Aetherblade Heavy Armor Skin
    Race: Sylvari
    Gender: Female
    Profession: Ranger/Mesmer

    Decided to preview the Aetherblade heavy armor skin on my ranger - the boots' back side appears to be torn, however on my human female, for example, everything looks just fine [see screenshots below]. The skin appears without issues on female Asura and female Norn. Unfortunately I don't own the armor skin yet and I can't take a screenshot of the Hero Panel.

    Here's a link with all the screenshots as follows:
    1 - Female Sylvari - Ranger
    2 - Female Sylvari - Mesmer
    3 - Female Human - Revenant
    4 - Female Asura - Engineer
    5 - Female Norn - Warrior

  • Sayrann.1356Sayrann.1356 Member
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    Weapon: Eureka
    Race: All races
    Gender: All genders
    Profession: All professions

    Problem: Legendary Eureka's weapon trail. While having quickness the weapon trail effect of Eureka vanishes almost completely and is substituted by the standard weapon trail effect. The effect is completely gone at the beginning and is shown a bit at the end of the animation, thus making it almost vanish on smaller characters and still a bit visible for bigger characters. Problem doesn't seem to be influenced by equipped armor/weapons, using the legendary itself or another weapon transmuted as eureka or race. It occurs with every char and every equip combination I tested.

    Equipment used in the video:

    Yassith's Visor transmuted as Adventurer's Spectacles LV 80
    Yassith's Pauldrons transmuted as Warden Shoulderguards LV 80
    Yassith's Breasplate transmuted as Elonian Breastplate LV 80
    Yassith's Warfists transmuted as Dragonhunter's Gauntlet LV 80
    Yassith's Tassets transmuted as Spearmarshal's Tassets LV 80
    Yassith's Greaves LV 80
    Yassith's Short Bow transmuted as Chuka and Champawat LV 80
    Yassith's Flanged Mace transmuted as Eureka LV80

    The Ascension transmuted as Grove Hydria LV 80
    2x Mist Talisman LV 80
    2x Attuned Mist Band (Infused) LV 80
    Mist Pendant Lv 80

    Hunter's Black Earth Aquabreather of the Citadel LV 42
    Impaler LV 80

    Picture of the Equipment Hero Panel:


  • Dante.1508Dante.1508 Member ✭✭✭

    Hello not sure if this thread is still monitored but
    Item : Mage Knight Costume
    Race : Asura
    Gender : Female
    Class : Mesmer

    Basically the little dress like area on the costume just keeps disappearing.. Vanishes randomly i'm not sure if mounts cause it but i have to continually take it off and re apply the costume to bring it back.. I'm not sure if it effects other races genders classes etc.

    Kinda paid 700 gems on this?

  • Fundor.2098Fundor.2098 Member ✭✭✭

    @Fundor.2098 said:
    Item: Blossoming Mist Shard Walkers
    Race: Asura and human
    Gender: Male
    Class: Elementalist
    Description: There appears to be an undyeable bright red part, specific to the shoes. No other Blossoming Mists Shard light armor piece has it.

    The texture on the Blossoming Mist Shard Walkers has been bugged since they were added to the game many months ago. Any hope for a fix? :/

    The stories we love best do live in us forever. - J.K. Rowling

  • Item: Mage Knight Outfit
    Race: Norn
    Gender: Female
    Class: All

    There is a very noticeable part of the neck area when not wearing the hat that just doesn't exist at all. I checked on other races/genders and none have this missing neck issue.

  • Visored.1493Visored.1493 Member
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    Item : Mage Knight Costume
    Race : Human
    Gender : Male
    Class : Elementalist

    The butt cape is disappearing.

  • Dragoon.1648Dragoon.1648 Member ✭✭
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    Race, Sylvari, 
    Gender, female, 
    Profession, Any leather classe.
    Armor, Nightmare Court Guise

    Describe the problem, Bug in the chest, still on the left side of the character.
    Body use for screen

    Screen bug

    Vidéo for the bug

  • RedJaded.4523RedJaded.4523 Member ✭✭
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    This clash is between a much older item; Ghastly Grinning Shield and one of the newest ones; Etherbound Pauldrons.

    I was excited to finally own the shield since it's a retired item basically, you all know the story by now to that. I also tried out the Pauldrons and loved the effect that it gave my character, so I figured I could have them both. ( Technically I can, since this is just a shield and not a back piece I don't need out at all times, but I love it so much, why wouldn't I?? ) Anyway, getting to the point, at certain angles but far too often for me to be able to ignore it, this happens.

    You may notice i'm using an overlay to make my graphics look a little darker and crisper, but that has nothing to do with this flicking effect. I've already tested it on and off.

    It's mostly distracting when my character is idle, during movement ( like running forward somewhere ) it's not as noticeable and it barely happens. This isn't something major but it would be nice if it could be looked into, considering they aren't right on top of each other, I didn't think it would be like this.

    Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated.

    edit: This also doesn't happen when i'm facing my character, looking at them from the front. This only happens as it does in the gif provided.

  • Item : Mistforged Glorious Hero's Breastplate
    Race : Norn
    Gender : Female
    Profession: Revenant
    Brief description: Texture error

    There is a discoloration of the neck while wearing this chest piece. Its less pronounced depending on the lighting of the area you're in. But its most noticeable in an area with bright light, shown here in the Fractal of the Mists lobby. In the hero panel as well as armor preview panel there is no error, and your character's neck looks normal. However when rendered in the real world the player's neck becomes discolored. This is a surprising oversight considering this is supposed to be the fancy "legendary-tier" armor specially designed for and specifically earned from PvP.

  • Item: Exclusive hair (colour issues)
    Race: Charr
    Gender: Female
    Profession: Necromancer
    Problem: The lighting in game affects my character's hairstyle very drastically and very strangely, as if it were clothing and not actually part of the character model. I wanted the hair to match the fur patterns like in the equipment preview (sandy blonde colour) but this very rarely happens and the colour almost always looks vastly different to what I picked, ranging from grey to green. I used to have another hairstyle from initial character creation which responded to lighting very well and consistently with the rest of my character, always looking sandy blonde. Please fix, I waited a long time to save up to change my hair and it's not even close to what I expected it to look like.

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