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[Suggestion] Freely use Elite specialisation Weapon


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This was already asked by a lot of players. 


When we fully unlock the Elite specialisations, can our character use that respective weapon freely?


It would be awesome to use this weapons in different builds and new combos, without being forced to use a specific Specialisation trait line. 


I wanted to use engineering hammer outside scrapper trait line for example.


Can we have this? 

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22 minutes ago, kharmin.7683 said:

If this has already been asked by a lot of players, why then do we need another thread about it?

Because I don't find the Anet reason for locking the weapons on a specific trait line. 

Do you know it? If so, can you share? 🙂

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The reasons are well known because as you say this was already asked by a lot of players. 


  1. Would be unfair and unbalanced, some classes would benefit too much (necro and inge, we see you)
  2. Technical issues : Sword+ Warhorn on Weaver ; Sword on Engineer without heat ; Rifle on Thief without malice, etc.
  3. Awfull to balance : Renagade+Greatsword ?


In short : so many e-spec weapon have been though to work only with the e-spec. It would be game breaking to use some of them with another e-spec and a nightmare to make work others.

The only thing that may work is to be free to use any e-spec weapon ONLY if you don't run any e-spec ; on core prof.
Some technical issues will still remain (engi's sword w/o heat, etc.) but the balance should remain easier.

However, who really wants to play without any e-spec ?

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3 hours ago, migcun.5240 said:

what actual harm can this bring?

Just looking at Necromancer alone, Pistol/Torch Scourge and Pistol/Torch Harbinger are potentially harmful combinations.

And then we have Engineer, whose elite specialization's weapons are all mutually exclusive to each other.


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It wouldn't make sense with some classes. Chronomancer for example, time mage, so the shield  casts Echo of Memory and Tides of Time. Makes more sense those skills are used by a Chronomancer as opposed to a Mirage.

Mesmer would be another one that would be able to get two ES weapons at once, Axe/Shield, Dagger/Shield.


To be honest, I wouldn't have much against freely using ES weapons if it was only in PvE, if I feel a weapon is too linked to the ES to make sense I don't need to use it but it doesn't matter to me if others do. If they put it in PvP or WvW there would be huge balancing issues.

Another thing, it could cause people to ask for more. We get to use ES weapons without ES, will utilities be next? In the end there wouldn't really be much left to separate ES from non ES.

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No thanks.  It would require a complete rework of how weapons function, it's not as simple as "allow me to use x on y".  You don't even need to use especs to demonstrate this completely, just look at how pistols function on different classes that use them.  You can also compare how different weapons function when comparing an espec to another class, rifles on DE and Engineer.  What if, for example, I want to use the DE rifle on an Engineer?  Either they're going to have to create a whole new subset of weapons, specifically designed as espec weapons, or change the weapons so that they all function the same on any class, which is going to throw a serious monkey wrench into the works.

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