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I have an idea for new EoD Map that uses Battle Skiffs

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Skiffs can be a cool. But I have an idea for a new expansion map update that can make use off the Skiffs for combat purpose in PVE.


This new map is a Meta Map that is built around the meta, with a downtime timer.


Here some fundamental rule and changes for the way the Skiffs in this map work:

*Personal Skiff Summon is disabled.  All Skiffs have to be taken from the starting Dock.

*The Skiffs take the skin that the driver has. 

*If the Skiff Driver abandons the Skiff, the skiff can be taken control by a different player and that player's skin would take effect.

*All Players on the map can get the "board the skiff" option. But Each skiff only hold a max of 5 players

*Non-Driver Players get 2 Dynamic Pop-up skills.


(Dynamic Pop Up Skills for Skiff Passengers)


*Equip Cannon-

Players can use a cannon to attack ranged enemies, structures and gates. Ammo supply is limited and shared among passengers and can be restocked by any player for all passenger.


*Commandeering Leap-

Player catapults with a large leap. Allow players to invade enemy Skiffs and ships, to attack and destroy.




Map Goal is to destroy the Sea Demon King and their castle on the island that is protected by their navy of pirates. Its set in stages. 

The Sea Demon King has forts that have lords that need to be defeated on their island by players to take supply for battle skiffs so Battle Skiff player can destroy gates and bridges.

The Sea Demon King has its own fleet of Pirate ships that will attack player skiffs and attempt to destroy the player dock, ending the meta event in defeat. 

So the map is a multi layered battle. Some players on land to attack island objectives and gathering resources for Skiff riders. Skiff Riders help advance the offense by attacking gate and bridges and other pirate on the defensive side of the battle to protect the dock.


This is from my imagination.

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Skiffs arent really that big when it comes to boarding tactics. Operating siege, being the one actively pressing the attack button(s), is the most boring aspect of WvW, I am not sure how much more exciting it would be to be the ship to ship weapon operator in this scenario.

A+ for creativity though.

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11 hours ago, Knighthonor.4061 said:

why? if you dont mind me asking

I like your idea, but I don't like the way Skiffs handle, for the most part.

Their implementation was pretty clunky, and that's a pretty common complaint people have about them on top of the wonky damage indicator and ineffective depth charges. If ArenaNet were to do another pass on Skiffs and the way they move/function, boat warfare could potentially be very fun. As it stands, however, it'd just be clunk on top of clunk and I'm not sure that'd make anyone happy.

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