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[Suggestions]QoL (Quality of Life) Ideas [Merged]


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Home Instance Nodes and Improved Economy Regulation(This section has been edited as of 2019-07-07.)

Adding Home Instance gathering nodes to the Gem Store, so they can be purchased individually, has been a huge QoL improvement, yet there are still two such nodes that have been inexplicably excluded from the list: the Advanced Cloth Rack and the Advanced Leather Rack.

Likewise, adding the Black Lion Statuette item (and its corresponding merchant) to the game was an excellent QoL improvement. Due to hyper-inflated Trading Post prices for certain items, giving players the option to purchase certain items directly from the Gem Store on a regular basis, or from Black Lion Statuette vendors, would be consistent with the ostensible purpose for the Black Lion Statuette vendors. These items include, but are not limited to:

For long-time players with huge amounts of consumable versions, as well as a Permanent / Endless version of one or more of these items, a brilliant QoL improvement would be the ability to exchange consumable versions of these items for a reasonable quantity of Black Lion Statuettes per consumable (e.g., an Upgrade Extractor could be sold to the Black Lion Statuette merchant for 5 Black Lion Statuettes, etc., etc.).

Purchasable Shared Gathering Slots (Account-Level)

I would like to be able to purchase from the Gem Store shared gathering tool slots for my characters. Ideally, one would be able to make this purchase once for his entire account.

In other words, I hope I would not have to—individually, one-at-a-time—purchase shared gathering slots for each gathering tool type, for each character. (This kind of implementation would dramatically reduce my interest in this feature.) Ideally, the purchase would be made once, and would unlock the shared gathering tool slot for every character on my account. I could see making each tool type slot a separate purchase, if ArenaNet really has to do that in order to justify the cost of implementing this Quality of Life improvement.

So, for example, for 400 Gems, one could unlock a Shared Logging Tool Slot for all of his characters, place his Reap-r-Tron, or whatever, in the slot, and then use the Reap-r-Tron on every character without having to individually equip the unlimited gathering tool each time he switches characters. Then, for another 400 Gems, he could unlock a Shared Mining Tool Slot, which would work the same way; and for another 400 Gems, he could unlock a Shared Foraging Tool Slot, which would work the same way.

Having to move unlimited gathering tools from one character to another is an annoying, frustrating inconvenience. Players specifically buy unlimited gathering tools to avoid the inconvenience of having to purchase the standard, limited-use gathering tools. This Quality of Life feature, therefore, would add value to an existing feature and further enhance QoL for players.

Ancillary Feature: Locked Shared Gathering Tool Slots

For players who like to use different unlimited gathering tool sets, depending on which character they’re playing, it would be nice to have the ability to “lock” a purchased Shared Gathering Tool Slot for a given character. Locking a Shared Gathering Tool Slot prior to equipping a gathering tool in that slot would prevent the any account-wide changes being made to the locked character or to any other character as a result of equipping a gathering tool in the locked slot.

Pin Character to Beginning of Character Menu

This is a feature suggestion. I would like for the development team to add the ability to pin a character to the beginning of the character list on the character selection screen. This would be a Quality of Life improvement that I imagine would be very easy to implement, yet would have broad appeal. Of course, being able to manually order your characters on the Character Select screen (and lock that ordering) would be ideal, but even being able to pin a single character to the beginning of the list would be a marginal improvement.

Right now, the last character I played is the first one that shows up in the character selection list. I would prefer to be able to pin one character to the beginning of the list, and have the rest of my characters show up in the order most recently played. Honestly, I’m surprised this idea hasn’t already been considered and implemented.

Meaningful Guild Hall Changes

  1. While your mileage may vary, most Guild Halls have become ghost towns, populated only by NPCs, and the random player making their way to the tavern to refresh or change their guild bonus from +sPvP to +WvW or +Gathering or whatever. Adding to Guild Halls entrances or a portal to dungeons, fractals, and raids might make them seem marginally more relevant and desirable as gathering places for players who spend a lot of time waiting around to engage with content.
  2. Adding a Mystic Forge to Guild Halls would be nice. The tired, old, unpersuasive argument that it discourages players from gathering in cities seems largely undermined by the many and various Gem Store items that permit players to use Mystic Forges in locations that are not accessible to all players--only those who buy the Gem Store items. I would agree with the decision to make this one of the final available upgrades to a Guild Hall, but it should be an option.
  3. Training Dummies, such as those in the Heart of the Mists, would also be a welcome addition to Guild Halls.

Meaningful Incentives to Level a New Guild

Sadly, the "market," if you want to call it that, for guild members is dominated by high-level guilds that can offer convenient perks to their members without having to do very much, after they hit the level cap. Yes, it takes a lot of work and a huge amount of resources to get big, but a guild should be about more than just having a lot of members and getting convenient perks. Guilds should be about community. Therefore, it is important to motivate even large guilds to continue to create and maintain high-quality communities for their members. Competition, including competition with smaller guilds, is a necessary part of that motivation.

To make up the power imbalance between a level-capped guild, and a lower-level guild, I recommend adding more powerful incentives for leveling-up guilds, or a "guild tax" for level-capped guilds, that ensures they don't just hit the cap, and then stay there, doing nothing, and just adding members who want to lazily enjoy the benefits of the guild, without really engaging with any kind of community.

I know of at least one Level 69 guild that was "led," if you can call it that, by a player who was M.I.A. for over a year. The account recently started logging in, again, but doesn't chat in guild chat, and doesn't ever respond to guild members when they message the account. He's the Guild Leader! I strongly suspect he sold his account. The guild is pretty much dead. Without an active leader, nothing can really change. The only reason to be a member of the guild is for Guild Hall perks. It's sad.

Giving players Guild Commendations for repping a guild for a certain length of time (kind-of like participation in WvW, where you get rewards on a timer, just for playing in that game mode for a given amount of time) would be really great. In case you think I'm hating on level-capped guilds, which I'm not, notice this would be especially beneficial for level-capped guilds that have little incentive to continue to do guild missions.

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I really like the idea of pinning a character. With Deadeye on the horizon, my thief has risen all the way from obscurity to "main" status and I'd love to manually keep him at the front, instead of him being shuffled out of sight when I decide I need to dig through every other character's inventory.

A QOL feature I've had on my mind for a while is "even more granular inventory grouping." I want to be able to highlight a number of connected inventory slots- any number, but for my needs I'd probably use a 10x1 strip- and assign them as not being able to interact with vendors, not part of inventory compacting, and not even able to be moved out of that slot until the slot is unassigned. Invisible bags address this problem partially, but I'd rather not commit all 20 slots of an invisible bag, or even have to wait and buy one in the first place, to be able to do some inventory management in the style of a keyring or a pseudo-actionbar. I use the shared inventory slots for items that all my characters benefit from accessing, but this would scratch the itch of "this is my character that's good at farming, so I want all these shovels, keys, machetes, and crowbars in one place." Then I could hop on my WvW character and lock up a different grid of slots that are dedicated to my siege tools.

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I thought the plan was that these would be migrated in an out of the BLTC over time. I think I would prefer to see the old ones remain as is. Maybe instead offer the player the random style nodes that we have in the guild halls and in WvW. That way existing nodes retain value but players still have new options. Note at time of this post I am not trading in these on the TP but have in the past before they removed from the chests. Its good to have items of value in the chests.

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Shared gathering tool slots would be great. Putting a different tool in a character's tool slot could then override the shared slot.

My requests:

  • A crafting queue! With sub-recipes and sub-sub-sub-recipes being automatically added to the queue if you don't have all the required components in your inventory/bank/material storage. Cooking and especially scribing may require a lot of steps and backtracking, and it gets really fiddlesome. And sometimes after a long day of playing I'd really like my character to process all those logs/ores/cloth scraps/leather sections in one go. Let me queue the orders, go do something else and come back five minutes later instead of having to wait-click-wait-click-wait-click for every task.

  • A better search function for players and guilds.

  • A watch list/wish list for the gemstore. Between hoping for a sale and waiting for items to return to the store at all, a lot of people would find this very helpful I wager.

  • An open all/consume all/salvage all option for ALL containers, consumables and other relevant items! This would really speed up inventory management, and reduce wear and tear on both player hands and computer mice. Also very helpful when boosting a new character to 80.

  • Allow item and dye preview in the makeover menu. Maybe also allow clicking on dyes in our dye panel to preview them in the preview mode?

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Anyone with enough alts definitely needs an improved character select screen.

  • More characters visible per page (or all of them visible, like in a MOBA)
  • Smaller character image so it fits on the screen
  • List of the day's daily quests (would be helpful, but now that Daily Class Winner isn't in PvP, not heavily necessary)
  • Sorting functions (Recently played, Least played, Crafting levels, Race, Profession, etc.)
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Add a new item “Ultra Converter,” (or some clever punny name) available at Laurel Vendors for like 25 Laurels. This item consolidates all of the converters (material and currency) into a single item. All converters share limits with this new service (I imagine it would be easier if you made it a definitive, uniform number per day, rather than random each day).Either upon unlock/grant of the converter, or upon trade-in of the converter (at a new tab with all things Converter, probably at a Laurel Vendor) (the former is better, in case people deleted things), you will unlock access to the trades. Categories and unlocks are listed as below.Tabs:Trades with daily limits

! Pile of Bloodstone Dust (50) -> Gift from Mawdrey II [max 3-6 daily]! Unlock item: Mawdrey II and/or a crafting Mawdrey achievement! Dragonite Ore (50) -> Gunk-Covered Pellet [max 3-6 daily]! Unlock item: Princess and/or Lion’s Arch Exterminator achievement! Empyreal Fragment (50) -> Generosity’s Reward [max 3-6 daily]! Unlock item: Star of Gratitude and/or Warming Grawnk’s Heart achievement! Pile of Bloodstone Dust (250) -> Glowing Stone [max 1 daily]! Unlock item: Herta and/or Where Exalted Dare achievement! Dragonite Ore (25) + Empyreal Fragments (25) -> 1 Fluctuating Mass [max 6 daily]! Unlock item: Sentient Abberation or Gleam of Sentience! Dragonite Ore (25) + Piles of Bloodstone Dust (25) -> 1 Fluctuating Mass [max 6 daily]! Unlock item: Sentient Anomaly or Gleam of Sentience! Piles of Bloodstone Dust (25) + Empyreal Fragments (25) -> 1 Fluctuating Mass [max 6 daily]! Unlock item: Sentient Oddity or Gleam of Sentience! Unbound Magic (150) -> 1 Fluctuating Mass [max 6 daily]! Unlock item: Sentient Singularity or Gleam of Sentience! Shards of Glory (50) -> Timeless Bag of Items [max 6 daily]! Unlock item: Shards of Glory Converter and/or a Shards of Glory Converter acquisition achievement! Memories of Battle (50) -> Timeless Bag of Items [max 5 daily]! Unlock item: Memory Gobbler! (any daily-limited buffs could be shared here, if they are ever added)Ley Energy Matter Converter (Key)! Free -> 1 of 4 HoT keys [max 1 daily]! Unlock item: Ley-Energy Matter Converter and/or Mouth of Mordremoth Master achievementLey Energy Matter Converter (Airship Parts)! Airship Part (25) -> 1 of 4 random daily choices [max 1 daily]! Unlock item: Airship EssenceLey Energy Matter Converter (Lumps of Aurillium)! Lump of Aurillium (25) -> 1 of 4 random daily choices [max 1 daily]! Unlock item: Aurillium EssenceLey Energy Matter Converter (Ley Line Crystals)! Ley Line Crystal (25) -> 1 of 4 random daily choices [max 1 daily]! Unlock item: Ley-Line Crystal Essence Fractal Reliquary! Fractal Relic (25) -> 1 of 4 random daily choices [max 1 daily]! Unlock item: Fractal Reliquary and/or Ascended Recycling achievementKarmic Converter! Karma (4998) -> 1 of 3 daily choices [max 1 daily]! Unlock item: Karmic Converter and/or Exotic Hunter achievementBuffs! Piece of Candy Corn (3) -> Random Boon(s) [no max]! Unlock item: Candy Corn Gobbler and/or a Candy Corn Gobbler acquisition achievementEcto Gambling! All trades available at Ecto Gambler vendors! Unlock item: Tarrktun Personal Delivery Portal and/or Legendary Tarrktun Supporter achievementSell! (I wouldn’t entirely be opposed to adding General merchant tab to list, but the reason I do this only because it’s included in Tarrktun item, and if there were the trade-in requirement, the sell feature should not be lost; and then it would just be considerate to include the Personal Merchant Express as an alternative method to unlock this, but that doesn’t inherently bring everything from the express into the equation.)! Unlock item: Tarrktun Personal Delivery Portal and/or Legendary Tarrktun Supporter achievement or Personal Merchant Express acquisition achievementBuyback! Unlock item: Tarrktun Personal Delivery Portal and/or Legendary Tarrktun Supporter achievement or Personal Merchant Express acquisition achievement

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Bank preview screen

! On the top icons, up with Hero tab, WvW, settings, PvP, etc. I would like to see a bank button. From here, you can preview all of the stuff in your Bank, Material Storage, and Wardrobe. If you happen to have a Personal Bank Access Express on your character or in your bank, you can also directly deposit/withdraw from this interface.! I’ve always found it annoying how hard it is to see what you have while you are not at a banker/crafting station. You can see materials by opening your crafting window and finding a recipe that uses the item, thereby seeing how many you have, but it’s so convoluted. And I think providing this preview may encourage more people to want/buy the Personal Express contract, as well as the single-use items, because they will know if what they want is there when they need it.

Black Lion Salvage Charges to replace kits

! I have so many Black Lion Salvage Kits that have accumulated over time just from Achievement Chests and Chest of Black Lion Goods. I would prefer to not have to store them in a bank or even a mule character.! I would like for them to be replaced with Black Lion Salvage Charges. These would be a Currency. You could convert any salvage kits that you already have into charges, equal to how many charges the kit still has (could be done as a right-click option, or through a vendor with all of the possible trades, perhaps at the Black Lion Trader (Armorsmith), or make it so each use removes a charge on the kit and grants one charge currency).! So, instead of getting the Salvage Kits, any method through which you could currently get them would be replaced with the charge currency, or a consumable item to gain the charges, like with the Transmutation charges. You could buy the charges in the Gem Store for 1/15gems, 10/140gems, 25/300gems. There would be a new Black Lion Salvage-o-matic, which operates much like the Copper- or Silver-fed Salvage-o-matics, but it consumes the Black Lion Salvage Charges instead of the coin. These kits can be infinitely bought in the store for 0 gems (and, while Exotic quality, should be easy to delete), so that you can have remote access to the feature whenever you want.! This could also give you a bit more control over how many charges different sources give, if you wanted to re-balance them, but that may get a bit of backlash.! * Basically, this is just a QoL change, but I would really appreciate the extra space.

Character Select ScreenThis is similar to what was said in the OP already, but just copying from old Forum's QoL thread.

! Lock Positions! I would love if we could have the ability to lock the position of characters in place on the login screen, starting from the first position on the far left and going right. Basically, locked ones could have like a gold or silver outline to indicate that it’s locked, and then any that aren’t locked will, like now, be ordered based on which was last logged in. Also, it would be nice if we could click and drag locked players to move to/in between other locked players (basically like how the achievement tracking works), so you don’t have to do it perfectly the first time.! I have a few mule/farming alts; I would prefer that they be located after my main capped characters. I may even want to lock those characters, but after my mains.! This isn’t necessary really, but if you were able to, you could also make a second section that you could bind the locked characters to, which would be the right side, going left, which would be located after the left-locked characters, and the most-recent characters.!! Scrolling Support! It would be nice if we could scroll on the character screen (down to go right, up to go left).!! Choice of how many character icons to display at once! Currently you can only see up to 7 character icons at the bottom of the screen at a time. It would be nice if we could see as many as we want, as there is probably room for ~15-20 (for me). This would be dependent on the size of the screen, if you wanted to build-in a maximum based on what you can detect the size is, that’s fine, but otherwise, as long as it’s easy to change quickly, I don’t think you need to worry too much about it going off of the screen or anything. Alternatively, you could let it go up to like 40 and just have the icons scale down in size the more there are (although I do see the issue with that), but whatever. The current cap of 7 just requires a lot of scrolling for me since I have a lot of characters.!Some things to help with inventory management, especially in regard to level 80 meta zones! Make the only rewards you get from these zones reduced to this list:! junk items. eh, it’s a trade-off thing. i dont like them, but so be it. would be nice to have an auto-delete functon of these items worth less than a set amount, but say, 10s each (maybe unlocked after you complete Trash Collector achievement).! currencies. map currency, karma, coin.! zone chest keys. such as Bandit Chest Key, Pact Crowbar, etc.! lesser bag. these are primarily from solo or quick events. contains crafting materials, coin, and unidentified items (fine and masterwork).! greater bag. these are primarily from group, boss, or long events. they have masterwork and/or rare salvage items. contains crafting materials, coin, and unidentified items (masterwork and rare).! chest bag. gotten from looting a zone’s loot boxes around the terrain.! unidentified equipment items. explained later on. replaces all direct equipment drops (from mobs and chest bags).! crafting materials. these can be based on the mob type, or zone based, or whatever.! miscellaneous zone consumable items. such as Pile of Sand, which comes from some mobs, events, boxes, and so on. the point is though, that it’s all one item, relatively easy to build-up and manage.! achievement drops. these are likely going to be specific to the mob type you kill, but these achievement items will drop directly off of mobs, and not be included in the bag loot, because that is not particular to! note that the chest bags may need to have their direct loot hard-coded to be scaled to level 76-80, if that is an economic balance issue for crafting materials, because currently, you would only get level 76-80 loot from the initial drops, which are not currently in a loot-scaling bag.! all boxes would be reduced to the following drops: 1x chest bag, and whatever currency you would get from those boxes. so basically, copy the loot table for the boxes as they are now, and for the actual box, make it only currencies and the chest bag, and for chest bag, make it all that the box currently is except for the currencies.! Make equipment drops much more simplified:! “Unidentified Common/Fine/Masterwork/Rare Item” item. item properties explained below. replaces all non-set equipment drops! “Unidentified Fine/Masterwork/Rare Item” item. item properties explained below. replaces all set equipment drops (such as Reclaimed weapon set). if the set is specifically for weapons or armor, then it will replace the word “Item” with “Weapon” or “Armor”, respectively.! These Unidentified item acts as both a container and a salvage item. If you salvage it, it will give you the loot of an item of the container’s quality, the specific item type of which is selected while being salvaged (giving the different types of common crafting materials); you will not get any rune/sigil if you directly salvage the container. If you open it, you will identify one piece of equipment, the quality determined based on the quality of the unidentified item. The reason for letting people open this gear is, well, people do actually use some of it, especially rare, and they may want to use it; or, so that they can mystic forge it.! Salvaging an Unidentified Rare Item will have no confirmation box, to streamline it even more. This shouldn’t really be an issue anyways, since people would ordinarily only want to save Rares of any type if they knew what was in/on it and wanted to use it.! Exotic items stay as they are now, they would not be granted in an unidentified form.! All bag and mob equipment drops that currently drop are replaced with these items (7 total in most zones).! Unidentified Items with no associated equipment set could be opened at any level to scale the loot.! These unidentified items would only drop for level 80 zones/mobs. Below that, loot isn’t as much of an issue to manage, so these wouldn’t exist.! Ideally, add a few gameplay options to help inventory management:***! mastery that lets you toggle on/off auto-deposit of mob-looted crafting materials (and preferably additional options for chest-looted, bag-looted, salvage-looted, and any other methods)! * mastery or achievement-granted unlock that allows you to automatically delete trash items worth less than an indicated amount (dropdown value selection, starting at 1s, 5s, 10s, 30s).! Really though, one of the only/best things out of this would be to make all 76-80 equipment items consolidated into unidentified items, as that is definitely the most tedious and frustrating part of inventory management, and the fact that you can now ignore runes/sigils with this would be wonderful. Recipes may be another slight issue if you do only this change for equipment, but it would still be pretty manageable.

A bunch of random, smaller suggestions

! For crafting window, would be nice if all sections were minimized by default (or by optional choice), and if we could favorite recipes and they would then also be shown in a Favorites section on the top of the crafting recipe list.! Maybe also re-organize some of the recipes to make them more logical. Maybe add sections within sections (so all types of weapons inside a Weapons section).! Add account-shared inventory tabs (like the Currency Wallet) for: Boosters (and Account-Bound/Gem Stone Consumables), Toys, Keys, maybe some other stuff. I really want the Gem Store Consumables to be accessible by all so that I can actually use them when I need/want to. Not worth putting in Shared Slots (which are themselves a Premium service), but I want to be able to make use of them and not just keep them lying around. Would potentially make them sell more if people had free-access to these things. If it’s expected that these items are bought, I think it would be nice if they gave us this kind of built-in convenience with them.! Add three right-click salvage options for Salvage Items: “Salvage Basic Salvage Items”, “Salvage Rare Salvage Items”, and “Salvage Exotic Salvage Items”. Perhaps this would best go along with three accompanying ones for explicitly equipment: “Salvage Fine and Below Equipment”, “Salvage Masterwork and Below Equipment”, “Salvage Rare Equipment” (and maybe a “Salvage Rare and Below Equipment”, and “Salvage Rare and Below Items”). Keep the “Salvage All…” options as now. I know this is cluttered, but I like the options.! I bet this is already in the works, but “Open All” right-click option for containers, stopping when inventory is full, like Salvaging does.! Put Boss Trophies somewhere. Either in a Trophy Wallet, or Material Storage, a new Trophy Storage bank tab, or something. No need for people to have to carry/store a bunch of these items (even if you can deposit them into a guild).! Map Potions (currently only 3 HoT maps) could go into the keyring inventory tab and be consumed directly from there. Would be a nice way to store them, and again, a very similar issue as with keys, where you may not have access to them when you want to use them. Could also include Experimental Mordrem Extraction Devices and Silverwastes Shovels.! When capped on Luck, if you consume more, it will save how much over you have used, and you can extract that extra later if you want (for Guild upgrades or whatever), and if the cap is raised, it will automatically apply that excess. It’s just easier to keep on consuming it rather than holding onto it.! When you add a note to friends, make it so you can still see their id.####. Currently, I think the note will replace this completely.! A lore journal, or a collection/bank tab for completed physical books. This or, once a book is completed, make it an infinitely-retrievable “Unlocked Rewards” (in the achievement panel).! I would love an account-shared harvest tool slot (only fitting Infinite-use/Laurel-bought tools), or add unlocked/purchased harvest tools to the “Unlocked Rewards” so you can make as many as you want for all characters.! To echo other people, “Consume All” option for Pile of Silky Sand, Reward Potions (WvW/PvP), XP Scrolls/Tomes, Scroll of Knowledges (Spirit Shard ones; some still exist and are obtainable, not in bulk, but still, might as well add the option here).! Add “Sell Minor Sigils/Runes” and “Sell Major Sigils/Runes” buttons to vendors (maybe with shorter names).! Add right-click options to Permanent Merchant Contract: Sell Junk, Sell Minor Runes/Sigils, Sell Major Rune/Sigils.! Either by default, or by an option, display ALL relevant currencies and/or keys to do with a zone. For Verdant Brink, that would mean: Coin, Karma, Airship Parts, Pact Crowbars, Potion of Verdant Attunment (maybe). Cities would show: Coin, Karma, Gems. If they don’t all fit for a player, just cut off any that overflow (cutting off to the left).! Would be awesome if the game could detect if you had a Total Makeover Kit/Self-Style Hair Kit, and give you the option to make use of it in character creation as well (being consumed when fully created, and which one being used being based on what things you chose).! I know that all of these combined makes the Bank much less needed. But that’s QoL for ya. As far as I’m concerned, it makes it so you actually have enough room to store everything that isn’t included in this stuff (equipment, normal consumables, runes/sigils, some festival stuff, crafting components). Sounds glorious to me, not having to make mule alts for all the stuff.

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Emergency Priority:

! * Color Blind Mode! There are people who can’t play or can’t play all modes because they literally can’t see things like ability marker circles.

High Priority:

! Shareable Build templates! Shareable clothing templates! * Shareable dye templates


! Reduce the amount of excess clicking, ie the loads of useless confirmation popups (for banners, when you get items from the Mystic Forge or crafting, completion of story content where there is no choice to make, etc.) These may individually be minor but they add up over time.! Account-bound gathering slots (perhaps for gems) for use with infinite tools or just so you don't have to take up so much inventory by having everyone carry 10-15 slots of tools.! Full harvest by default. There is no reason to have to click multiple times to fully harvest a node.! Always display stat setups, instead of forcing people to memorize what each is, ie Dire Vs Sinister.! Add an indicator in-game for items that are salvageable for insignias and inscriptions. Shouldn't need to constantly look at the wiki or memorize stat set names for this.! Integrate the equipment, dyes, wardrobe, and outfit panels into one panel. That way you can set everything without having to duck into multiple panels, and can see all the color setups before you have to spend charges. having them separate is just duplicate functionality.! Let us consume multiple food/utility items at once and stack the duration, instead of having to constantly mouse over and check our skill bar (very useful for raids). Note this is different from the metabolic and utility primers as they extend the normal duration to match their own, whereas this is just stacking the normal durations.! Give us a library in our home instance to store book items so they aren’t clogging inventory. Otherwise we just delete them and read the wiki if we want to go back.! Tonic wardrobe, housing all infinite and finite tonics and accessible by any character whenever they want to use a tonic transform.! Show actual stat change amounts for the character you are on for percentage food on mouseover (ie show what 3% or ferocity into power will actually mean for the character you are logged in as).! Equip second ring and accessory with menu (ie “equip offhand”) as can be done with weapons, instead of always replacing the first ring or accessory unless manually dragging in the equipment menu.! Icon in LFG for groups that shows they are in full maps (but doesn’t show if you are in the map in question). Would save a lot of trying to change maps and getting an error message.! Ability to lock or queue reward tracks for PVP and WVW rather than defaulting back to a random track (usually CoF) when your current one is completed.! Option to switch guide between story and event/map completion mode, without having to finish the story.! Option to have chat display region next to all messages. Saves a lot of “are you NA or EU?” when trying to gather groups or set up events.! Option to display account name or selected nickname next to all messages. Helps identify people, as most people are known by account, not character, of which they have many differently named.

Classes & abilities:

! Animation Lock – Abilities with animation locks (ie Hundred Blades) should immediately unlock on hitting the dodge key. The need to manually unlock by moving a little before dodge will respond makes these abilities unwieldy and leads to TONS of missed dodges.! Classes with alternate forms – Have a way to look at the alternate form abilities without actually transforming. Especially pertinent for Druid and Necro, since their transforms are on a timer and have to be built up by combat, so it is hard to transform just to be able to read the abilities.! Stealth abilities – An actual countdown would make stealth much more usable, instead of the simple status icon we have now. Right now you just have to know how long you have. Given how stealth works, something near the center of the screen would be more appropriate than a tiny icon in the status bar, since doing anyone dumps you out anyway.! Engineer – Return from down/dead state in the same kit you were using when you went down, instead of resetting to default weapon.! Revenant Herald – The Channel wheel beneath the feet of a Rev in Glint makes it hard to see the terrain. An alternate tracking method would be of great help (perhaps next to the change legend icon or above the dodge bar).! Ranger – Sword 2 and 3 require so much room and are so hard to control that they make sword almost unusable in areas with complex terrain and/or lethal drops. A slight rework to how they function to make them more controllable and less subject to terrain vagaries would bring the weapon back to usability.

Trading Post:

! Let us queue up items to buy and sell on the TP and buy or sell them all at once.! Search for skin instead of specific weapons. Getting hundreds of duplicates due to stat variations when you are just looking to unlock and salvage is not useful.! * Search for locked skins.

Mystic Forge:

! Let us queue up repeated mystic forge transmutations instead of having to re-add the items over and over.! Remember forged items (MF recipes) so we don’t constantly have to jump in and out of the game to look things up on the wiki. The discovery aspect is only fun the first time.! Let us just find recipes for high-level stuff like legendaries that we just look up on the wiki. We shouldn’t have to leave the game to play it.! Let us access the bank from the mystic forge panel. Ideally this would function as it does in the crafting panel (and in conjunction with MF recipes), but at least add an access tab so we can move relevant items to inventory without running back and forth to the bank.! * Expand the left panel. We need more space for manipulating the panels, rather than a giant, mostly empty art panel that has no function.


! Let us auto-craft sub-items in a recipe instead of having to dig down and do every item one by one. This also avoids overcrafting since you can’t accidentally craft 3 of something when the final item needs only 2, etc, and would make it easier to determine if you can craft something since you would be told how many you can craft PERIOD, not just based on what sub-items you happen to have currently crafted.! Remember selected sorting/categories in the crafting panel (so we don’t have to turn off crafting levels every time we log in).! * Expand the left panel. We need more space for manipulating the panels. Have subrecipes open TO THE SIDE instead of on top of things. Have the ability to open multiple subrecipes at once.


! Put a button for Deposit All right on the interface, instead of in a sub menu.! Have an option to put such a button for sort/compact as well.! Salvage all and deposit button as well. A single button will cut down radically on the amount of clicking.! Multiple sorting options not dependent on the bag you buy would be nice too.! Have an option to outline or otherwise mark non-sorting and invisible slots when bag view is off. Right now you have to either leave bag view on or arrange for your slots to line up just right and remember it, which can lead to accidents.! Ensure that, if possible, when two one-handed weapons are replaced by a two-handed weapon, both weapons end up in the same bag as the two-handed weapon came from. Currently, the off-hand weapon can end up at the first available slot, which can cause issues with organization and can make it sellable and/or salvageable when it shouldn’t be if an invisible bag was being used for spare weapons.! Auto-stack items in shared inventory slots. If I have all my keys up there they should just stack there instead of in a separate slot.! Key/map item wallet. For example the 9 map event items from Bitterfrost should at not be taking up inventory space on every character. This discourages going back to the map because you would rather just not have this junk in your inventory.! Account bind map items instead of soulbinding them. For example the 9 map event items from Bitterfrost should at least be able to be swapped to other characters.! Options for displaying multiple currencies (and key levels, if in wallet) at the bottom of the inventory, ie show Gold, Karma, Gears, and Crowbars when in Verdant Brink, as these are the relevant things to know in VB. Also an option to display on the UI somewhere so they can be tracked without opening inventory.! * Cut down on the deletion confirmation, and make it contextual. Once you have completed a collection and the item has no use, for example, you shouldn't have to do anything to get rid of it.


! Make ascended ring, trinket, etc. drops stat-selectable as armor and weapons are, and add HoT and PoF stats to the selection pool for all ascended drops. Right now most non-armor/weapon ascended drops are so low value due to useless stat combos that they aren’t even salvaged (not worth the very expensive ascended tools), they are just deleted. This would also remove the multiple tabs from the vendors for separate core and HoT stat selection, although this may run into issues with there being multiple classes of account. At least improve the labeling to make it easier to tell which stats the items you are looking at can have.! Allow consume all on encrypted fractal boxes (decrypt as many as you have keys).! Show fractal levels available on daily pane for daily fractals, instead of making us go into the achieve panel to figure out the numbers.! Show fractal identity on recommended fractals.

Action Camera:

! Fix areas where action camera breaks interaction (for example, during the cannon sections of the final core story instance).! Fix cases where even though you are attacking something it is not targeted.! Fix cases where the target will shift back to the main boss even though you have targeted on minions (for example during intermediate phases of the Gerent fight) or will shift to minions even though you have targeted the main boss (for example the bandits during Sabetha).! Fix cases where camera interacts badly with terrain, rendering players blind due to the camera being behind them (ie when walls are too tight and you have to look in a certain direction).

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Crafting, when making like 2000 elder wood planks it should give 1 warning when you click "craft all" and you accept and boom insta 2000 planks. this waiting is making me eat too many samiches in between.Also, after you've crafted something that is a once in the life of your account lifetime like say Rodgort's Flame precursor, let that item and anything pertaining to it be removed/greyed out so it cannot be done again. If the sub items have a use elsewhere they will stay active. but the huntsman makes alot of the legendary stuff (at least for the ones i've done) and its a ton of stuff to look through, i dont want to search everytime or accidentally make something i cannot ever use again. Even the ability to self disable certain things, like spiritwood scion would be nice so you arent distracted crafting (eating samich) and click the wrong one.

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  • I'll never not add a +1 for colourblind mode. That really should be the default in big-name games by now.

  • Also a +1 for fully harvesting a node on interaction!

  • Another thought: the ability to bind "target self" and "target other party member 1-4" to hotkeys. Just because the game lacks traditional ally-targetted abilities like heals doesn't mean there are no situations in which this wouldn't be useful -- I find myself wishing for it all the time, and I'm a casual player who doesn't even do "high-stakes" content where such situations are likely much more common. Dropping a reflect on top of yourself/a party member. Jumping to a beleagured ally with, say, Wings of Resolve. Tabbing or clicking is too slow and unreliable.

  • While we are at it: a /target command applicable to both PCs and NPCs.

  • A second, out-of-combat only weapon set swap for elementalist and engineers.

  • This one is an unrealistic wish, I know, but: in-game macro support, with special UI buttons to put them on. Running Dragon's Stand? I'd love to make a target macro for the vinetenders. Using a class that has more useful weapon sets than there are weapon set slots? Use an /equip macro to avoid having to inventory-fiddle (and the accompanying butterfinger mishaps).

Edit, inspired by another thread:

  • A command to clear our target. Can't believe I forgot that.
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One QOL addition they could do is a customisable UI. I use a 4k monitor and the UI is just so small that it's annoying to click on tiny icons like leave instance or the "yes" button when readying up for raids or the like.

I really don't think this is even a "first world problem" anymore. We're in 2017 people. 4k is becoming more and more common.

I do use third party apps like yolomouse to circumvent this problem to a certain degree but it's more of a bandaid than a solution.

The game looks gorgeous in 4k but honestly it really is a strain to play with the current UI.

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A pretty simple change that I would like to see would be that the map stays open when you click on "Show Me" in a quest email. Usually, when I click on the "Show Me" button, I just want to jump to the nearest unlocked waypoint to that location. If I don't want to, I can manually close the map, but more often than not, I'd rather the map just stayed open, focused on the quest location so I can travel to it.

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I have boosted a character, and as such, do not have masteries unlocked. Because of this Everytime I kill something I get the "Your current ability is fully trained and ready to master!"

I do not want to skip content just to get rid of an obnoxious, inconvenient, nuisance of a popup. There is no way to turn this off.I have also submitted several bug reports regarding this. Please advise on how to turn off this pop up that is nothing but inconvenient.

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Come on, just fix this already. Why does it have to be constant popup that repeats after fucking 5 seconds when you click X to close it. Stop treating your players like they are idiots please.. you only need to tell us once.And yes I know you can get rid of it by doing the story missions, but I'm still doing core game story mission now with this char.It's extremely annoying and mostly unnecessary.

edit: It's mostly when you exit combat, the pop up returns every time.

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Hi Anet who ever reads this! QoL Idea here. I recently got a permanent Bank access from BL chest (LUCKY ME RIGHT) but I have over a stack of the regular ones which are now completely useless to me with the advent of shared inventory slots. could we have a way to vendor these, or better still Mystic Forge into BL keys along side the other BL chest items like the Mystic forge stone(1), merchant(5) and trading post(5) Bank access (5) = one BL key (see 4 items MF "magic") this would provide incentive to other players to use them or have a sink for them to make a lot of people happy

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@Endless Soul.5178 said:Regarding the home instance nodes, the Iron Ore Node doesn't even exist. There's none on the Trading Post. It's as if it's been entirely removed as a drop from the game (I'm not sure if that's actually the case).

I would buy one from the gem store if it was made available there.Good news! ArenaNet is going to be releasing a crafting node adoption agency. For 400 gems you have the chance to get a random node put in your home instance. No chance at duplicates. :)

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@TitaniumBovine.9674 said:A visual timer on the hotbar for trait/sigil/rune effect procs on cooldown would be top. Can't tell ya how often I summon an illusion for SOI and go "Hm, boy, I hope that did anything."

I know that at least Herald has a thing on the hotbar that shows when Crystal Hibernation is available to activate. It's definitely a thing they put in the game.

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