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WvW name change?


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I think it makes a lot of sense to change the name of the game mode as part of restructuring. My favorites from the list above (so far) are:

And brainstorming a few more:

  • Unstructured Players vs Players (uPvP, or uP for short)
  • Realm vs Realm
  • War of the Roses (because it's a fun, evocative name)
  • Red versus Green versus Blue (RGB)
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@"XenesisII.1540" said:It's still going to be world vs world...There aren't going to be any "worlds" after the restructuring. It makes sense for the name to change to fit the circumstances.(I'm okay if they don't change the name, too.)

Alliances will be a small part of the population...I think it's more likely that alliances will be at least a plurality:

  • Individualists, without a WvW-related guild
  • Unallied non-WvW Guilds
  • Unallied WvW Guilds
  • Allied Guilds

I think the first two groups will be the "small part" of the population. There will certainly be lots and lots of WvW Guilds that aren't part of alliances, but I think there will be far more people in the WvW guilds that are part of an alliance.

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It got it's roots from dark age of camelot realm vs realm system, which had 3 separate sides/realms in battle that took place on the same server/shard/world.

The alliance battle of gw1 had 3 parties of 4 players together in a battle of 2 sides, amounts to like squad vs squad battle.

Gw2 has entire server/world vs server/worlds vs server/world, the alliance system will still have entire world vs world vs world.

The alliance system is just going to form parties of guilds(instead of looking at it as players) to be placed together on world creation, somehow people think this is all wvw is going to be about.

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@Dawdler.8521 said:

@Korgov.7645 said:Since the worlds won't be permanent let's call it Temporary World vs Temporary World vs Temporary World. :pBy this logic you where on a temporary server even if you stayed there for 6 years. People move all the time, it doesnt make servers temporary does it? Even a 0 population world is still a world.

The world I started on is still here. Albeit it has become a guest world with no identity left and nothing to gain nor lose in WvW.

Come the alliance system all worlds become guest worlds with no identity and nothing to fight for.

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