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ArenaNet Forum Chat -- April 2018

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We invite you to join several of our devs for the April 2018 ArenaNet Forum Chat (AFC) which will take place on April 26 and 27, 2018.

Here are some details:

  • Chat begins/Subforum Opens: Thursday morning (Pacific Time), April 26, 2018
  • Chat ends: Friday afternoon (Pacific Time), April 27, 2018
  • Topic: Guild Wars & Guild Wars 2 Lore
  • Subforum: April 2018: Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 Lore

Join us to ask questions, ponder mysteries, share feedback, and generally engage with team members directly involved in the lore of Tyria, including several members of the Design and Narrative Teams. We'll be talking with folks who are involved in storytelling and development, including a few who have been working with (and on) lore since the first installment of Guild Wars!

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@TheOrlyFactor.8341 said:

@TexZero.7910 said:Just for clarification, the devs wont go into spoiler realms so we should limit or phrase our questions to avoid them right ?

Not gonna stop me from asking what I wanna ask. :p

I would go ahead and ask whatever, without worrying about it.

I think that any players reading the questions should be prepared for anything that has happened to date, personal story, LS1-4, HoT, PoF, or side stories. It's hard to imagine the developer answers will offer spoilers to content yet unreleased.

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Not my topic

Too boring to participate in that topic, when most questions can't be answered due to the answer meaning most likely to have to spoil something or are about characters I don't care about the slightest bit and would wish, that they get just replaced by some new more interesting characters out that show some better character progression and personality, than what the game offered so far in LW1-4

I rather wait for better topics that mean something to me like:

  • Features/ Quality of Life
  • Character Progression
  • Game Balance/Combat System
  • WvW
  • UI Design

So maybe next month ...

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@Gaile Gray.6029 said:

@TheOrlyFactor.8341 said:I was just wondering when that was gonna happen. Thanks for the bump. :D

Because I believe you can't really over-communicate, I also made a forum announcement. :D

I wish my coworkers thought as you do.I work those days, but I do hope to be given the short list of things that were discussed after the fact.

~ Kovu

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