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Which of the lesser Support/Non Support Class would you like to get a Support Elite Spec next?


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All classes have some level of support but usually it's on a very lesser degree for some more than others. Those are the classes I am talking about. Just to make that clear.

But which of those classes would you like to see get a Support Elite Spec next so they also can play the major support role in endgame group content?

For me a Support Warrior elite spec seem very intriguing to me when combo with its core defensive skills I could potentially make an awesome front line healer in WvW that can draw attackers away from my allies. Seem badkittens to me.

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@kasoki.5180 said:I'd rather have them fix current support classes and make a viable and sustainable system of current classes and roles.

We already have classes with intended support builds that are basically seeing almost no play

Well that solution would mean other classes that don't have a good support role won't ever get to have it.

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Okay, let's analyse this:

First, let's get a baseline. The professions that currently have support-oriented specs are:

Guardian (Firebrand)Revenant (Renegade, arguably Herald, although that's more typically used for DPS)Ranger (Druid)Necromancer (Scourge)Mesmer (Chronomancer)Elementalist (Tempest)

This leaves Warrior, Thief, and Engineer. Scrapper tries sometimes, but the last balance patch has pretty much kicked it into "power DPS or GTFO" territory.

From this perspective, it seems that we've been getting three support elites per expansion, so it's probably not unreasonable to expect all three to pan out...

If I had to pick one, though, I'd probably say Engineer. It's a profession that feels like it should be able to go support, but has never really been allowed to actually get there....

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