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Your favourite story Character

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Zojja, Logan, Rytlock.I can't pick.Zojja is the best Asura.Logan is someone I can see understanding much better than most characters in the game.Rytlock is the best... well... he IS the best Charr but that sounds like an understatement. Pretty much usually one of the best when he's not around other people to piss him off (yeah that of course would be Logan being one).

So.. Zoglock?

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Tybalt. It was nice to have a non-stereotypical Charr around for a while. :/

Okay, okay, out of the poll choices? Taimi. The story has got so dramatic that it's nice to have some comic relief around. Canach is okay too.

I can't stand Rytlock. There's too much story focus on him and he's always whining or bragging, usually without a cause. He's useless in story battles (because he gets knocked out long before the battle is over), whereas others such as Kasmeer at least have support abilities and enough sense to not try facetanking everything.

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