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Bring blish back pls.

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im redoing LS4 stuff for achievments and redoing history with alts, only now i noticed how that guy is great, the best asura so far.

pls make us travel to the mist to rescue him back in a epic journey,,,, also as long Aurene said shes "fixing" the mists, theres a oportunit to fit this in post-Icebrood Saga lore.

the part him say hes helping people because of Taimi wooow.

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  • If I recall, he simply shut down his higher functions. If my understanding of ausran technoturgy is correct, then his spirit would be bound in a sleeping limbo until either the golem's power fails or his higher functions are reactivated. Thus, if he were brought back, it would be as simple as a group excavating the remains of Kralkatorrik finding this odd golem and re-enabling those higher functions. As such, Blish could return entirely out of left field with little explanation necessary other than he was found and reactivated.

    If they can get the voice actor back, I find this approach much more appealing as he could just sort of stroll into the scene as though everything were as usual followed by Taimi and Gorrik just freaking the heck out and fawning over him happily.

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  • Brycar.2651Brycar.2651 Member ✭✭✭

    Yes! I liked Blish. I sensed a budding romance with Tiami. The dragon sallowed him whole, no chewing. So he is trapped in the dragon’s gullet. We just have to find him.

    Also Tiami’s mystery illness will result in her fusing with scruffy. So her and blish would be cyber soul mates. A happy ending at rids us of tiami.

  • Firebeard.1746Firebeard.1746 Member ✭✭✭✭

    It might cheapen the Jahai episode just a little. When Braham muttered that comment about "Those who pass are A Star to guide us" or something like that I literally almost cried.

  • I don't see how it could cheapen it—that he had to go through that doesn't change and, to be frank, I feel rather blasé with the suffering is beauty trope. I had enough of that from George R. R. Martin. I'm frankly a little fed up with it. I mean, not everyone in existence is some kind of dark triad monster. Some of us like it when a story ends on a high point where people can be happy and losses can be rectified. A brilliant example of that was .hack//SIGN, which did result in people being woken from comas, everything just worked out for the cast and it was brilliant. I don't feel that's any less emotional.

    I'd be very happy to see Blish return because that'd be a testament to hope rather than lessening the impact of Braham's romanticism. I feel that Blish was a figure of hope while he was there so him returning would be indicative of a turning tide, that we're actually beating back the Torment and progressing toward a future where the peoples of this once wretched world can be free from suffering.

    Guild Wars 2 is slowly wrapping up. I'd love for it to end on a high note. Happy endings all around! No, not that kind. Get your mind out of the gutter. Really though, I would love that. A world of peace under the guardianship of elder dragons.

    So, anyway, yes. Blish should return if they can swing that with the voice actor.

  • Veprovina.4876Veprovina.4876 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Firebeard.1746 said:
    It might cheapen the Jahai episode just a little. When Braham muttered that comment about "Those who pass are A Star to guide us" or something like that I literally almost cried.

    It wouldn't cheapen it because Blish still did make a huge sacrifice. He shut himself down, for all he knew that was the end for him and he still did it.
    However, in another thread i made, i entertain the possibility that Blish is not actually dead, just trapped in his golem body - still conscious, just shut down his higher functions so he can't do anything, sense anything. Like he was at the docks. If that's the case, his sacrifice is even grander because at the docks, he almost went crazy after exsperiencing being shut down and he said he wouldn't want to experience that again. But he did it anyway knowing it'll be a fate worse than death, he'll be in a constant state of sensory deprived torture.

    So as long as his power core is running, i think there's a chance he can be brought back without his sacrifice being cheapened.

    Anet! Bring Blish back!!! :heartbreak:

  • ugrakarma.9416ugrakarma.9416 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Firebeard.1746 said:
    It might cheapen the Jahai episode just a little. When Braham muttered that comment about "Those who pass are A Star to guide us" or something like that I literally almost cried.

    yes is a nice dialogue, but he's a machine, so it already cheapen even before, because his death inst a death/death...., its like a "robocop"(a old movie) die, or any other cyber dying, just come back.

    i feel more cheap when we just talk normally with ghosts in the mists, some miss deceased parent? just get a trip to the mists.

    main pvp: Khel the Undead(power reaper).

  • TeeracK.3601TeeracK.3601 Member ✭✭
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    How would you all feel if Bliss was greatly upgraded and looked like this with his jacket added over it next time we saw him? Dynamics_Exo-Suit_Outfit_asura_female_front.jpg

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    Blish just feel like another thing anet rushed and wanted to get rid of rapidly. One of the worst decision, why the build up with taimi, gorrik and him about sharing and leading research projects together, having datas stored on its hard drives... just to end up as a kamikaze. More and more character I see and more I see strange story turns and no love given to any of the characters. And I know that personally I'm not intetested to see ryland further developped. Many characters deserved lot of plots and involvment and got nuked before having a role or an impact: joko, blish, kuda, gaheron, kudu, malyck, kralkatorrik, mai trin....

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    bring back Joko and Lazarus pls and give them a decent story to match with their character in gw1.
    blish can wait

  • Hypnowulf.7403Hypnowulf.7403 Member ✭✭✭

    I personally disagree regarding Ryland. I find Ryland's exploration fascinating. I mean, he's one of the most interesting depictions of emotional damage I've seen—and how the community reacts to him due to whom he represents, whom he stands against, and that he isn't human is equally as revealing. Some of the things Guild Wars 2 does are eerily reminiscent of a social experiment. I want that data!

    I mean, seriously, Ryland is the result of being groomed by a dark triad psychopath with delusions of grandeur. He's been made familiar with his parents and he's had to witness their deterioration at the hands of Bangar's manipulation and gaslighting too. (Bangar gaslit both Rytlock and Crecia hard, proper gaslighting too. There's some very real psychology chops involved in this storyline.)

    Ryland growing up feeling as though he had no out from our least favourite charr kitten's genocidal hate machine and then suddenly having one has... resulted in a character that I find exceedingly compelling. Of course, there are those who'd blame him but it's quite the zeitgeist's joie de vivre to blame the victim, spice of life that is.

    I don't want to watch Bangar do the same to the Commander/Aurene but I worry I'll endure that before this story is over. If it does happen, I do understand the necessity of its depiction regardless. It's just not something I'm likely to enjoy. A greater awareness thereof though would be sorely appreciated. I find that most don't understand that monsters aren't as easily spotted in reality as they are in fantasy—they're expert chameleons, charismatic, "nice" even to those whom they have use for.

    The peculiarity of the identities of Ryland and Jormag alike are visible so the assumption is that if they aren't familiar, if they're upsettingly strange, then naturally they must be the villain of the piece. The average person believes they're far better at spotting monsters than they actually are.

    So, yes. I would enjoy further exploration of Ryland, Jormag, and this story.

    That said, I would also enjoy seeing the return of Blish.

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    Blish Blash Boosh!

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