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  • @Lostariel.8470 said:
    could the mounts work on a ticket system like Black Lion Claim tickets? like each Adoption License is a one ticket, and less popular mounts cost only one, with the most popular costing three. This would be a way to allow players a choice rather than an RNG but still necessitate multiple purchases for certain mounts that are more sought after.
    idk just a thought, though I can respect your unwillingness to change the current system since some players have already spend $120 through the RNG system.

    ugh, i dont buy blc keys and sometimes i earn keys doing map completions. in 1 year i have gotten 2 tickets and bought an abaddon axe. putting mount skins in this system is the same as mount licenses are now.

  • Grim West.3194Grim West.3194 Member ✭✭✭
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    It's for cosmetic items. GW2 one of the few games that doesn't have p2w items. Yes, they are expensive and a gamble, but it's our choice. Haven't bought any though.

  • Thanks for listening and thanks for getting back to us before the weekend!

  • Glad to hear we're not gonna see another mess like that, but I still don't see the point of having the skins not beeing tradable?
    What are we supposed to do with 10 Skins per Mount if we only wanted 1 out of 30 to begin with? Why not let us sell them (or buy the ones we want from other players)?

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  • Cronos.6532Cronos.6532 Member ✭✭✭

    Disappointing that the license isn't being split into two boxes because the positive feedback was too much, but I guess I was in the group of people not planning on buying it anyway.


  • They can't change the boxes now, out in the wild any change would make them liable for legal action. They could back into the grey area of thier special currency, 'gems' already being purchased for legal ground, but that would sour the absolute hell out of this community. The best thing they can do is take the punch to the chin and fix future en-devours... Otherwise they might have a lawsuit on their hands from players who've already purchased the packs that were then changed.

  • Preyar.6783Preyar.6783 Member ✭✭✭
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    @Skye.1572 said:
    "We won’t change the existing license in a way that would invalidate the investment players have made" - ArenaNet PR
    Oh, like they did with Town Clothes? Remember when they took out an entire feature and replaced it with something that made our purchases completely worthless? They took out all the mix and match customization and dying of them and gave us clothing tonics of fixed outfits and colors to replace the items. They gave us the option of gem refunds for our investment they invalidated if we wanted that instead of the tonics. So.... why can't they do that here? I know why. It's because they want us to gamble for the ones we want, or fork over the $120 to get all of them. It's not our investment they're worried about, it's theirs.

    It's hard to take this halfhearted PR jargon seriously after reading that line.

    They are actually making all town clothes into outfits, see here under Outfits (retrofitted town clothes).

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  • Kapax.3801Kapax.3801 Member ✭✭✭

    I mean that the initial 30 skins must be given for lost, you should think this as a pyramid and see that every time the cost to get the desired skin is more expensive ... In the end loses the consumer in this strategy. Picture a closed box where inside there are 29 blue balls and 1 red, for each attempt you must spend 5 dollars, then your first 10 attempts will only come out blue, and in the attempt 11 you will finally get the red one, on the one hand you will be happy, but for the other unfortunate for having spent more than 55 dollars. I raise this because not all their skins are "attractive" and the consumer, in this case, go for the striking ...

    Well, your attention is appreciated.

    PS: 25 dollars for a skin, you should think better before that, even a DLC of any game today comes out cheaper ...

  • Gambit.9501Gambit.9501 Member ✭✭
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    @Danikat.8537 said:
    Well...it's certainly not the answer I was hoping for (since I do like quite a few of these skins), but it's better than nothing. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the next batch.

    mightyno9 was also better than nothing

  • Tom.9516Tom.9516 Member ✭✭

    While im still not happy about the exclusiveness of mount skins in the gemstore, I'm happy about MO's response. For future skins no more RNG, thats a step in the right direction. The price of those skins...lets hope they are more towards the price of the Halloween package.

  • Thanks for the response. a little disappointed that the RNG wont be completely tosses out but understandable to not toss the people who did buy under the bus. Looking for ward to the next set of skins (that i hope are priced equivalently to what gliders costed). Would also have loved to see some skins added to the mount heart vendors (maybe like 2 alternative skins each for a large amount of karma/gold/trade_contracts)
    Perhaps add the mount adoption as a drop in the black lion chests (as a common drop like the wardrobe unlock) so that the mount skins in the adoption licenses are more accessible to people who do not wish to buy (since keys can be acquired from various in game sources outside of the gemstore); alternatively, add it as a possible map completion reward (again like black lion keys) if you have PoF. i feel these would help the players feel they are progressing with their customization options.

  • Better than I expected. I knew nothing could be done about the current license situation without just upsetting another group...but at least in the future we might avoid this. Thumbs up...gold star...so on and so on.

    Oh and maybe consider giving us some in-game rewards to work towards. I assuredly get the point of the gem store but to reiterate a point I have made before...if everything is bought and nothing is earned...what are we playing for? And PoF while overall good...feels really lacking in the long term goals department.

  • Razor.6392Razor.6392 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    Not to white knight ANET in this specific case but I feel like the reaction about all of this is overblown.

    I initially thought, while being uninformed, that mount skins would be as random as black lion weapon skins (available through tickets).

    But later I found out that you are guaranteed a mount skin, and to be honest, at least half of the skins are pretty kitten decent. Let's be frank here for a second. If you were allowed to specifically buy 1 skin, even if it was at 1k gems. Would you even consider buying more than 1 skin? or more than 1 per mount? ANET needs to make money, and while this method seems sort of scumbag-ish, it's a decent one. It would be nothing but starbound and fiery mount skins everywhere. Who would even consider spending any gems / usd on the more 'normal' skins of the bunch?

    Still I would have introduced, if it was up to me, more options in the bundles. Leave some randomization so that people are 'forced' to buy more than one, to get the one they want, but not something as strict as 1 out of 30. That's a 3.33% chance of getting the one you specifically want.

    I see the mount adoption license identical to those "mystery [item]" that other games have. This option is obviously cheaper than the traditional not-randomized one, and is a fair gamble, as long as there are more direct ways of getting that one skin you want, even if it means paying more. What I would have introduced is a mount-specific license, much like unidentified [color] dyes, that always give you a dye from a certain color spectrum, RNG is drastically reduced like this! Or perhaps a full bundle of skins for a specific mount (instead of being forced to buy all of them). Maybe people really like the Jackal, or Griffon, so instead of buying the 9600 gems pack, they'd pay 3000 for a full set of a certain mount? Surely some people would do that over paying 400 over and over just to get skimmer skins or 9600 to get a ton of skins they don't really care about.

    All in all, for a purely cosmetic item, I feel like the outrage was a little unwarranted. Nobody is putting a gun to your head to buy these skins, and if you get one of the less glittery ones, who cares? Rep it up, be unique.

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  • I forgot to ask: How long are the adoption licenses going to remain in the store? If you don't plan to change them, at least keep them long enough so people can slowly work towards them.

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