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FoW server crashes in WvW after the patch

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  • Ragnarox.9601 changed the title to FoW server crashes in WvW after the patch

Heck my Game won't even launch after patch. It goes to login screen and Stops for a few seconds and then I get Gw2-64 has encountered a Serious error that prevents the program from continuing to run.


Uninstalled, Reinstalled and Video drivers are up to date, So thinking it's not on my end but something wonky from A-Net side.

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WvW is literally unplayable rn for a few worlds. We (FoW) have been dominating so hard the recent week but 2/3 of our squad just keeps dc'ing while in sm. The Problem got so bad that we got almost conquered completly which normally never happens. We could not even defend our sm after patch which is so unfair. So 1 week effort for nothing? Pls hotfix this asap

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Happened for me tonight on Fort Aspenwood, happened on both EBG and on one of the borderlands (TC's I believe, but likely happening on every map in all tiers) 


Every time it happened was around a major guild-vs-guild fight. We learned from talking to the other sides and to people in map chat that when it happens it's immediately crashing every player from all three teams who are within render distance of whatever triggered it. So there's sometimes people outside the fight who also get affected. It also means that people across the map are unaffected. As a result of this everybody on both sides of the fight also ends up counting as a death for everybody else, rewarding a lot of loot bags at least.


No clue what actually triggered it thought. It seemed to be pretty rare, once every hour or two. And re-fighting the same groups using the same abilities was not retriggering this crash reliably, thankfully. 


Hopefully some of this helps narrow it down further for you 🙂 

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It is crashing in pvp aswell.... its everywhere...  

Last time a crash like this was in the game it was Jadewinds being bugged.

When you were stealthed and used Jadewinds and stunned someone with it... Everyone in the vicinity would crash. I can only imagine its some w0nky stuff like this again 😄

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