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Last way to revive PvP - a Netflix series

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Big Franchise do it, it helped Cyberpunk to be Back on the list a Netflix series.



a series that can be Set in all 3 gamemodes we have (PvE,WvW,PvP).

First Arc is the PvE Arc, getting strong, Findung and crafting Gear, enjoy adventures.

Second Arc is the WvW Arc, the Main Protagonist (or group) gets the call to Join the Battlefield, they der wars at the Borderlands, Dessert and Eternal Battleground, at the end they die....

Third Arc the PvP Arc, they awake in the Mists, Dead but also Alice, the endless circle has begun, the best Warriors (and other classes) Fight to become the best and entertain the gods (you know the human gods).

They can't die anymore, they will "respawns". They have a Leaderboard and when ever the gods want to See them, they "Port" the Gladiators from the Heart of the Mists, into the battlearenas.


There is the Pitch, be creative

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I find it intriguing that players keep insisting that pvp isn't a representation of total game health.

  1. despite being so small, oddly it has in the forums at least half of the responses as General Discussion, making it the second most important feature of the game.
  2. It has the most twitch views.
  3. It is the most search aspect of GW2 on youtube
  4. It has the most passion from players, because pressing one only goes so far.
  5. PvP players can beat anything PVE players can, and often do provide guides, because AI, specifically GW2 AI is still dumber than the lowest rated PVP player.
  6. Forcing a disinterest will only kill the game.
  7. ANet doesn't appear to have a growing revenue stream despite the expac/
  8. Anet has been so inconsistent in goal and vision since 2019, and the goons that repeat the mantra that pvp doesn't matter always seem to be the ones the most confused about the game in general, and yet somehow they are employed.
  9. We all knew it was over when the killed JOKO
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