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Engineers getting Short Bow in expansion 4! Share your ideas


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I hope it will be condi-based. It should be. We already have to many power weapons.
I hope for explosive arrows, poisonous arrows, flame arrows etc. It will fit core engi perfectly.

58 minutes ago, Fubuki.7162 said:

Energy arrows.

Unlikely. It is not an e-spec themed weapon. It is a core weapon and it should be themed around core engi.

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It's going to be great! More 900 range projectiles that get perma reflected in WvW fights. It will probably be condi heavy too so that you can't use it effectively with High Calibre or a condi+melee mech anymore either. Then they'll nerf it in the first balance patch.

They could have made it a staff or scepter and the unique skin is a Tesla coil for AOE lightning attacks that also burn, and stack with Kinetic Discharge and Static Battery. Oh, that would have been cool! 

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Unless its a pure power or a melee bow, p/p already fill the 900 range condi role.

Then again it would not surprise me if Anet make it a condi shortbow that is practically identical to pistol but has the correct autoattack speed that pistol is supposed to have had for the past 11 years, just so they dont have to fix the pistol.

Because purity of purpose.

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Would have preferred another weapon tbh. Don't know which ones would be interesting though. I guess it just depends on the  skill. Can totally see him shooting shrapnel stuff ... AoE ground targeted skills like some of the other professions have. (I think thief on shortbow some of the skills are ground targeted AoE?)

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I'm happy to see Engineer getting a short bow, even if I would have preferred a long bow. All the previous engineer weapon are melee and the only ranged weapon Engineer has is rifle which is unfun to use and totally garbage in PvP/WvW and pistol which...is better than before but can still receive a bit of love.

If we're not going to get a new spec, it is honestly hard for me to guess what it would looks like but if we assume this is going to be a part of the core engineer kit, then I can picture something like an automatic or semi automatic short bow..

As far as skill goes, I am 100% sure we'll have something along the line of a fragmented shot but other than that I dont know. At "worse" it will look like grenade kit but in the form of a weapon, at best....Anet will surprise us

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