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[Suggestion] Home instance housing system!

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Home Instance Housing systemYou can make your own house in your home instance.

  • Quests: Search Wood and stones or other things for building a wall , floor, roof etc. And deliver it by the building vendor in your home instance
  • When its complete you can craft bookcase, bed, tv, bank, and other stuff for decorate your room. its like the Home instance nodes, you craft and buy a node and use it for place it into the home instance.

Decorate stuff

  • Wardrobe: you can do here your outfit, with a Total Makeover Kit , maybe with a difficult quest you can upgrade to one with always a total makeover kit for free, you can use the wardrobbe to open the makeover kit screen for free or low price gold.
  • Bank: you can sit on it
  • Tv: open a youtube player screen and set your own music for your home instance
  • Chest or bookcase: for adding more place for your items, maybe begin with 20 slots, and you can upgrade it with quests to 50 slots. Not adding to any other slots but this chest or bookcase slots its only in your house visible for use for extra slots. A tab bank inside for the items you need for the house quests.

Themes:You can upgrade the style by the home vendor

  • Halloween: stuff like pumpkins style,
  • Christmas: with presents and elfs
  • Easter: Bunny's, eggs..

Theme Quests:Christmas: search the christamas balls and give it to childs to upgrade the big christamas tree in your home, with every quest complete there are more balls in your tree.Easter: You can do quests like search 20 eggs in your own home instance to get a free big egg furni in your home.

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Just roleplay in your home instance. Plenty of props already.

On a serious note, what will this do? Make cities, hubs, etc even emptier, it will just devide the playerbase even more in their own little spots, hubs killed alot of the activities in cities already, this will just make it worse. Alot of work from devs for something that goes against what an MMO stands for.

Also we already have a system like this, its called guildhalls.

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This is one of those things that people, including Anet, have discussed back and forth since before the game was released. When the home instance thing was first announced (before the game was released), they did say that player housing(1) was something they were thinking about.

(1) There's also the question of the type of housing. There are two main formats (the names are my own...):

  • "Instanced" housing where, even if there are multiple entrances, everyone uses the same entrances to their house instance, separated from the game world. Examples: Runes of Magic, SWTOR (Strongholds)
  • "Land-plot" housing where each house is on its own plot of land, and the plots of land are (normally) in finite supply. The houses themselves are usually visible in the game world. Examples: ArcheAge, Dofus, FFXIV:ARR.(2)

(2) In FFXIV, the array of plots of land are in a separate instance, but it contains many houses, and you move around them in the same way you would if they were in the main game world.

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@"DarkSilk Angry.5970" said:oh Home plots, its a home city where you have your own house and you can go to your friends and other people house in this city. Its a good idea. Then you have home world city's with more peoples. and its funny with more players then alone in your home instance.

I like the 2 ideas

I don't like "Land-plot" housing because there are never enough plots. It's usually the case that if you blink when they release a new batch, they're all gone by the time you open your eyes again. (That said, I once got mega-lucky in ArcheAge, and found a free spot - where someone had let his land rental expire - right outside the entrance to one of the major cities. But it was blind luck.)

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Skyrim and fallout4, i think thats what you’re looking for.Player housing will have little to no value in a game like GuildWars, except to a small niche group of RP.It takes a lot of resources, I guess around 100 people will actively use it, and anet wont make any money of it.

That said, i think I would use the system of the GuildHall decorations, but then they’d have to disable it for story instances of the home

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I prefer that instead of direct player housing they give us housing via the guild hall system. I would be easier on the devs and they could write it into the story lore as Dragon's Watch is claiming a guild hall. They could do it as a special map for it. I'm thinking just east of where Mount Maelstrom and Timberline Falls meet. There is jungle, coast and ice along with Inquest location right there. We could claim an abandoned Inquest base as the DW guild hall.

I'd like to see them make it laid out like an open map with nodes and creatures but instanced like the guild halls. They could do it like GW1 maps where we can clear all the creatures and nodes which don't respawn. They could respawn at the daily reset. We could have an airship dock, boat dock and various other assets. Since the map is balanced for a single player along with a few invited friends they could make it a full size map or at least the size of a LW season map. It'd be like a private game preserve.

As far as upgrades go they could somehow either work discounts for the DW guild hall upgrades since it's just the one player or they could have the NPCs DW members contribute to the guild resources once a day. It could also be contributed via harvesting the map nodes in the wilds part of the map by giving us rare higher value nodes but also creatures to slay to get to them. I'd also like to see them put in a half complete JP that we would have to craft items to finish in the way we wanted it. If done right it could be a very flexible way to provide player housing.

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I know development isnt cheap, and priority is business but PLEASE, give us a housing system minimal so we can have a nice experience, you have everything to do a simple and yet amazing system with crafting, and provided that we have a very large space in the current instance, it'd be an amazing experience to customize it at that level!PLEASE anet do it for us!

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