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How to Fight Condi Thief - Vallun


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Good video overall.

I found making use of CnD for the interupt on tactical strike very strong after engi's pop out of elixir S.

Also, against necros and warriors, camping SB unless steal is on CD generally seems to be the best way to go. Against necros early sword2 into steal with basi venom then quickly LOS'ing forces them to waste signet 9 times out of 10, the fight is relatively easy after that; warrior and necro is generally just a waiting game in a 1v1.

P.S. you eat a lot of torment damage the way you were fighting that necro :P

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Going to address specific points.

"When you see the venom is up, you want to dodge the next couple of attacks."

I want to take a moment and point out that this is ABSURD for anybody who's seen a good S/D condi thief play.

Why? They have instant, unblockable attacks. Typically combined with basilisk venom, the result is I have to GUESS when they're going to start their bombing run. If I don't guess, I'm already too late. That is not counterplay. That is sheer luck. This would be great advice were it a holosmith winding up for an attack, but get real. This is a thief pulling off instantaneous attacks that requires a severe amount of luck to survive and counter.

"Just dodging their dodge skill will remove a lot of poison."


No, really, wut.

Your advice is to dodge a dodge. You know how preposterous that is right? Again, it's instantaneous (so still luck based), but also stupid kinds of powercreep involved in that statement.

"Run to a no-port spot"

Your suggestion here is to actually exploit bad map design. Not saying this isn't valid in the moment, but it also highlights how poorly designed the class is if you have to exploit map design to avoid it.

"Use Specific Condi Cleanses"

This is great advice if you have them, but for some classes, specific condi cleanses are rare, or will hurt the player if used inappropriately (IE overcharged shot on engineer rifle).

"Change your gear for the enemy"

This is a given in any game where you know what your enemy's build is. Almost a duh.

But if you don't know, this doesn't help.

Just to be clear, I already try to avoid the venom skills whenever I can, but it is SHEER LUCK if I manage to dodge them. The instant casts and unblockable status make it impossible to avoid otherwise.

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