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"I'd Really Like this..." - New Gifting Strangers


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Administrator Note: Please note that a member may only ONE (1) request in this thread ever.

Before this Starts I would like to point out that the original Post and the Entire Idea of the Post was created by StinVec.3621 and therefore all possible Credit and/or questions should be directed to "@StinVec.3621" . What follows is but an exact copy of the Original Post taken from the Old Forums, I did not Create any of the following Content and I do not claim any rights that could possibly be related to the Original Post and/or its Idea.

From now on what follows beneath this very Text is a Copy, please excuse any errors, especialy regarding BBCodes and Formate as I was not able to figure out some of the specific chat commands. The End of the Origian Post Copy will be marked distinctly.


Administrator Note: In the giving spirit of this thread, we are limiting requests to one request per player. This will allow more players to benefit from the generosity inspired by this initiative. Please do not make more than one post over the lifetime of the thread. In addition, please do not edit or delete your post to submit an additional request. Thank you for your cooperation.

Greetings!Why is this thread here?

! Many people enjoy the act of giving. Many people enjoy the act of giving to a complete stranger. However, in Guild Wars 2 it is difficult to gift items due to many of the items on the gem store being one-time account unlocks (armor skins/outfits, etc), so the gifter must be aware of the person’s lack of having the item already, as well as even having a desire for the item.

!The above problem seems that it would help to limit gifting to only happening between friends/guildmates or relatives that play together. I see this as also taking away from the impact of the gift as the giver would likely have to ask ahead of time if the person would like and use the item and does not already have the item unlocked.

! Now, this situation is doubly hard for players who enjoy giving gifts to strangers as they would need to gift an item while being uncertain if it is already unlocked on the stranger’s account or if the item would be desired and even used by the stranger.

! I see this as possibly leading to much less giving/gifted than there could be.

I would like this thread to serve as a place for kind-hearted individuals who enjoy giving gifts to strangers to be able to find such players who not only desire an item, but do not already have it and who will definitely use it!

  1. Share Your DesireIf you desire an item from within the game or from the gem store or trading post (unable to afford it/unable to log in while it is temporarily on sale), please do not hesitate to make mention of your desire here. Perhaps there is a generous and kind-hearted player keeping an eye on this thread for another player such as you to make their desire known!

  2. EDIT Your Post If Your Desire Is Fulfilled (in part or in full)I only ask that, if you receive your desired gift, please immediately EDIT and mark your desire as fulfilled! Please, DO NOT make another post stating that your desire was partially or fully fulfilled as your initial post will still be there saying you desire the item(s). You can edit your desire post by clicking the little pencil icon in the bottom right of your post, making your changes and stating you received it, and then saving the changes. (I would also kindly ask that you consider including a thank you to your gifter in your edit)

  3. Respect Gifter AnonymityOn that note, I also request that you not name your gifter in your thank you unless the gifter mentions that it is alright with them to mention their name. Naming may lead to undesired attention, as well as potentially leading to private messages to the gifter from people asking for a gift. Some may welcome such messages. However, I’m sure some givers may enjoy the anonymity behind their giving. This aspect of their enjoyment in giving may be ruined if everyone becomes aware that they are a frequent giver.

  4. Remove Self-fulfilled DesiresI also request that if you acquire your desired item on your own that you remove your request here by deleting your post or editing it to state that you acquired it on your own.

  5. PatienceWith all that said, please do not feel sad or hurt if your desire goes unfulfilled by a gifter. I’m sure many will go unfulfilled. These are acts of generosity and kindness and one cannot force or expect someone else to perform either.

  6. Do Not Make Duplicate RequestsI would also appreciate it if you would please refrain from making multiple posts for the same item(s) or ‘bumping’ your desired item(s). Gifters will browse the thread and choose whose request for a desired item they may fulfill. I imagine duplicates or ‘bumps’ would only serve to make your desire less likely to be fulfilled.

My additional thoughts

! I know that many may feel that the simple act of asking for a gift is against the purpose of what a gift is ‘supposed’ to be, that it should be unexpected and a surprise. However, with the way gifting is set up on the gem store, and with the one-time unlock nature of many of the items that are available on there, I feel that there kind of needs to be such a source of desires as I hope this thread will provide.

! I know there are likely to be a lot of players who have an excess of coin (real and in-game), and perhaps some of these players may feel that there isn’t much for them spend it on right now. With there being a source of people making their desires for items known, perhaps it may lead to these players as seeing gifting and making a stranger’s day as a desirable way to spend it.! -------------------------------------- -! This may lead to nobody posting their desires at all and the thread fading away into the cold abyss of long forgotten threads

! Or it may lead to many desires being fulfilled. It may even lead to a person’s desire for an item being fulfilled several times before they can edit their post to mark it as being fulfilled.

! Yes, there may be some who prey on the kindness of others who post desires for items that they can easily afford, but want someone else to pay for.

! I leave this up to the gifter’s judgement.

! Fear of being tricked or ‘had’ should not stop one from being kind and generous to another person.

! You may be taken, true. It has happened to me many times in-game and in ‘real’ life. You could also rekindle a person’s hope in humanity, or at least in their fellow gamers by showing them there are still kind-hearted individuals out there who give and gift despite the possibility of being taken advantage of.

That’s my hope for this thread, anyway.Happy adventuring. :)

Additional Notes To Assist Those Sharing Their Desires

Be specific | Update (edit original desire post) if you receive partial fulfillment

! I recommend that posters desiring items of a non-single quantity please follow the example set by others making similar desire posts.! Specifically, if you are requesting an item that you desire more than one of (like Jute Scraps or something), please keep specific track in your post of how many you have and how many more you need instead of a persistent desire post with a general request for items of a type that cannot ever be marked as fulfilled.! e.g! Jute Scraps – 70/250 (received 70 of the 250 needed so far)! Not! Some Jute Scraps

! A desire asking for “Some Jute Scraps” may lead to fewer being gifted to you as some gifters may be dissuaded from sending them due to their having no clue how many you still need or if you even still need more. Being able to quickly see how many are still desired of an item may allow for some gifters to be more likely to send some or all of the amount desired your way.! This specific and constantly updated request could also be expanded to desires shared for armor/weapons skins. If gifters are unsure of what you already have or are in need of, they may be less likely to send items your way.

An example desire post and its fulfillment edit

!Do not feel the need to add a reason for why you cannot afford or otherwise acquire the item, you can simply state the item you desire and nothing else if you want to.! I would really like to get the wedding attire outfit. However, I cannot afford the 1,000 gems right now as I am actually getting married for real very soon and it is taking up all of my funds and the planning is leaving me with little game time to earn in-game gold.! Desire: Wedding Attire Outfit! * Server: NA

! EDIT: Fulfilled!! Thank you very much, “Anonymous”, for gifting the Wedding Attire outfit to me! Every time I wear it I will think of my actual wedding gown and wedding and of how happy I am to know that there are kind-hearted and generous people out there still!

! This was just an example. Please do not gift me the wedding attire outfit as I am not getting married. Again, this was just an example of what someone may say and of a way in which they could edit their post to mark their desire as being fulfilled with a thank you.

About requesting account upgrades

! If you are desiring an account upgrade from the gem store (bag/bank expansions, home instance nodes, mail carriers, etc.) be aware that these are not giftable items.

! As they are not able to be gifted, a gifter would have to mail you gold that you would then exchange for gems that will allow you to purchase these upgrades. So you may instead want to word your desire as a request for gold so you can buy gems to get the desired upgrade. If you do this, please update your post if you begin receiving gifts of gold toward your purchase.

! Example:! Desire: Bank Tab Expansion (600 gems)! Currently At: 50/105 gold needed to purchase! (This was an example amount based on the exchange rate at the time of this edit.)

Administrator Note: In the giving spirit of this thread, we are limiting requests to one request per player. This will allow more players to benefit from the generosity inspired by this initiative. Please do not make more than one post over the lifetime of the thread. In addition, please do not edit or delete your post to submit an additional request. Thank you for your cooperation.

End of the Original Post Copy!!


  1. It was not possible for me to recreate original Formating of the Post precisely, please excuse slight deviations.
  2. In This thread I have promised to Remake the most Recent Requests of the Original Thread so they can have a chance to be fullfiled. However, I find this to be quite impossible to do so, as most of them are many weeks old, which means it is likely the Ones who posted them simply wont be able to determine exactly to what level was their Wish fulfiled or if its even needed anymore. For this I Apologize deeply, I encourage anyone who had a Wish in the Original Post, who is honestly sure it is still needed, to Recreate his/hers Wish here once again.
  3. I will provide All of the Screenshots of the Original Post and the Screenshots of the most Recent Wishes to anyone who wants to see them. Please PM without hesitation to ask for them and I will send it.
    1. If you spot any Mistakes and/or wrong Grammar, please PM where and what in the post is wrong, so I can correct it. Thank you if you do.5. The Author of the Original Post still holds all the Rights to This Very post, if StinVec.3621 wishes me to do so, this Post will be Deleted and/or Remade/Reposted at once.

This, I belive, is all that had to be done. I very honestly hope that this Idea will Continue to Exist and that many Players will be able to ask and get what they desire.Please do not hesitate to start posting your Wishes Now

Ps Edit Addition:

Since I ran in to a several Situations when the Post was not eddited in time and already fulfilled, and I believe others did too, I suggest that if Players who wish to Fulfil someone's Wish, mark the Specific Post by 'Helpful', but do that only in case you are 100% about to fulfil the Wish.Now, I know there are several flaws, the most Important one being the possibility to Abuse this feature, yet this Thread and even whether the Players asking for Gifts truly do Edit their Posts, stands on a Good will, so same as with Editing I expect Honesty. Remember the posts marked by 'Helpful' but not fulfilled can be edited by its Poster to state the Truth.You could also say that this is not necessary as you can ask the Player in-game yourself. You would be absolutely correct here, but by using this feature you might at least save some Time of other People. In some cases Days even.

Let me know whether you agree or not, so we don't make too much of a 'Marking' mess in case people disagree.

EDIT to Ps Addition:I realized this might not work properly in Scenarios when there is great number of Desired Items, for example 100 T6 Materials. In such Cases marking the Post with 'Thumbs Up' would be a better choice to show you are about to help in some Way.So, "Helpful' for complete fulfilment and 'Thumbs Up' for taking Part.

IMPORTANT: As was mentioned by StinVec in a post below, I Strongly suggest that anyone who wants to make a Wish in this post, achieves a Forum rank of Member by participating in at least 5 different Discussions for few Days, so you are able to Edit your Comments whenever needed, thus avoiding misunderstandings regarding the fulfillment of your Wishes.

TL;DRSince there seems to be a Repetitive Breach of Rules, I will leave these here to Make sure the Rules of this Thread are Loud and Clear


1# Only ONE (1) Request per Player ever

2# EDIT your Posts regarding their fulfillement, do NOT make new ones instead of Edits (See IMPORTANT section right Above)

3# Do NOT Edit your posts to change your Wish (You have One Wish, make your Decision and do not try to Trick the Generous people reading your Post)

4# Do NOT make Duplicate Requests (There are People reading Through the Old Posts as well, keeping an Eye on fulfilling older Posts too, please do not try to overcome the Rules by reposting your Request)

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---Not A Desire Post---

Hi, Alatar!

! I've very happy to see you've worked to re-create the thread on these forums. I was not aware that the edit limit was increased past 4 hours, so I thought it would still be some time before the thread could make any form of return. I'm glad to see it has been removed for 'Member' status players.!! I did not write the opening post of the previous thread version all that well, even after many edits. As the thread also acquired rules later in the thread's existence, as well as moderator notes (which ate available characters and prevented my making appropriate edits to the post), the opening post was likely not too accurate in relaying those restrictions and contained inconsistencies. You are perfectly free to modify or re-write the entirety of the previous version, or even request others to offer ideas via private message or something (to not clog the thread with non-desire posts) for help in cleaning it up or re-wording it.!! I look forward to viewing continued desire posts made in your re-make of the thread.!! I sincerely hope this new iteration will not be abused immediately by previous posters in the old version of the thread who believe the slate to be wiped - the old forum thread has been saved and is easily searched for the names of those posting in this new thread to see if a previous desire has already been made. In that event they can expect an appropriate response.!! Thank you for your time and efforts and I wish you and any desire posters/gifters fun and safe adventures, in-game and out!

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Looks like I'm up first.Been playing for only a few weeks, loving Deadeye, want to craft The Predator's first tier Precursor so I at least have a decent rifle as I work my way upwards.

Desire:Deldrimor Steel Ingot (2/30)Spiritwood Plank (1/30)Elonian Leather Square (3/10)Memory of Battle (200/200)Shard of Glory (200/200) Big thanks to the generous player who helped me with these two.

Server: EU

Spent all the gold I have to level my Huntsman to 450, so all I need are the mats.The Memories of Battle and Shards of Glory I can maybe buy off the TP. The first three are definitely the biggest priority.

If this amounts to any assistance, I will be eternally grateful.

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@StinVec.3621 said:

I sincerely hope this new iteration will not be abused immediately by previous posters in the old version of the thread who believe the slate to be wiped - the old forum thread has been saved and is easily searched for the names of those posting in this new thread to see if a previous desire has already been made. In that event they can expect an appropriate response.

This I would like to ask that if you already received gifts from the old forum thread please do not request more here. Instead please consider giving back and giving gifts to those that have not had a request fulfilled yet.

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I would like help with getting some exotic equipment for my Soul beast. I'm still relatively new and I don't understand how to get equipment or where to start. I'm basically fumbling through PoF with level 76 stuff mostly.

EDIT: Thank you so much for the help, it was so appreciated. Now I can focus on some runes!

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If you don't know what you want, just don't post in the thread until you do. If this is anything like the old thread, nobody will frown upon an extravagant wish (that doesn't mean it'll be fulfilled). Just try to avoid looking like you're just fishing for lots of free stuff. I'm sorry, but that "I'll take free BLC keys, guys" thing just looks crass (well, it does to me, can't speak for anyone else).

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@Fenom.9457 said:Question, what if I don't know what I want and so I put something general but then update with a specific item I want or goal I'm working towards? Is that considered asking for more than one thing? That said, I'm always lookin for Black Lion Keys! :)

There is no need to make a request if you can't think of something you want. This thread is "I really like this..." not, "I'll just ask for something generic and if I don't get it maybe I'll think of something else I want to ask for later." That isn't the nature of this thread. This thread is for people to ask for things they really want but may not have the means to get on their own. Some examples of reasonable requests are for gem store items that can be gifted and help with mats for crafting. Some people just asked for something fun or a random gift left up to the person giving (That's my personal favorite and makes giving fun). On the far end of the request limits people have even asked for legendary weapons, precursors and other items worth thousands of gold. I don't recall ever seeing those requests fulfilled but maybe the person never updated their post to state they received what they asked for.

Anyway, you made your one request for black lion keys so you are locked in. As the rules state please do not edit your post to change or ask for more. I hope someone gives you a few and don't forget to update your post if your request is fulfilled. :)


  • There is no requirement to ask for anything if you can't think of something you want. Instead, perhaps consider giving to those that have made a request. :)
  • Remember you only get one request. Consider your request carefully. Is it something you really want? Is it a realistic request? If not consider waiting.
  • This thread is for fun and to spread goodwill. It relies heavily on an honor system. Please be respectful and do not abuse it.
  • Lastly as a reminder to readers, some gem store items are not available for gifting, mostly account upgrades like bank slots, etc. So please keep that in mind.
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I feel kind of lame posting this, but if I can be brutally honest and pathetic for a moment...I really hate traveling alone and am trying to collect hero points for my mesmer's second specialty that was released with PoF. The problem is I am super shy about talking to other players and asking for things, so I find myself here...My desire is to find someone willing to help me traverse the dangers of maguuna jungle and the deserts to achieve my goal of a mirage mesmer!You may contact me in game via the following username kfirehorse.7896

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Here's my List for any kind souls willing to help out:

360x Mystic Coins100/1700x Elder Wood Planks (Thank you to a Kind Soul "Noabu Tobe for your gift!)236x Amalgamated Gemstones

I've run out of resources at this point, so any boosts would be greatly greatly appreciated! I'm on NA.Edit: I've managed to collect some of these, so i've just updated the list to reduce it to my current needs, :)

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Name: AegisRunestone.8672Birthday: November 21st

I would love a Permanent Bank Access Contract.I've opened over 150 BLC, including using 2 Gold Keys to get one. No dice. I'm at my limit for gems or anything else, so I've exhausted my resources.

I'm on the NA servers and I would highly appreciate receiving one. Thank you in advance! :)

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What I'd really like are those pesky damn Mystic Coins. I started crafting Nevermore and am really close to finishing but used basically all my coins on those mystic clovers and am having a hard time building them back up. Any help would be greatly appreciated!Server: EU

Thank you so much who everyone who has sent me coins! My ele now proudly wields nevermore! Thank you all again!

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Desire: Permanent Hair Stylist ContractServer: EUStatus: Finished!

I finally got the item!

I was able to save up enough gold to buy it myself^^

Oh, what a nice idea! :D

The item I wish for the most is the 'Permanent Hair Stylist Contract'. It's a huuuuge goal I set for myself that I am starting to save up for now. I know, I am crazy.

One of the things I enjoy most in the game is dressing up my characters and it would be so fun if I could match the hairstyles and haircolour to every outfit as often as I want.

Every help is appreciated! If you have tips on how to make money fast it would be nice if you'd share them with me. I suck at playing PvP or WvW, so making money that way is out of the question for me :< And finding other people for dungeons is not easy either it seems.

Yesterday I tried TP flipping for the first time and I already made 5 Gold yesterday! That was a good start I think? Don't laugh xD

I hope that posting my goal here will keep me focused and help me save up all that money. It would be embarassing if I would post what I already saved up and then go ahead an spend it on something else. So yeah, that way I make sure that I will not touch the gold until I reach my goal ^^ And if I get good tips along the way, even better! So please wish me luck and please go ahead and share your secrets with poor little me :)

last edited: December 18

  • I got 33 gold from a family member of mine

  • I got 2 gold from a very nice member of our guild (Umbra Ragnarök, thank you so much!) <3

  • I paid everything back today ^^ They didn't want the gold back, but I feel better that way :)

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I'm looking to get the griffon mount as recently I have spunked all my money on crafting ascended gear (which has worked out thankfully). But I have been struggling to make a lot of gold being busy during weekdays. I've been psyched for Path of Fire and especially the mounts since they announced it was going to happen (I actually saw the griffon in the background of the artwork which got me so hyped and I spent a long time doing research about whether I was going crazy or being clever!). I actually took out a student loan to pay for Path of Fire so I'm guessing I will feel those repercussions in the future haha. I know a lot of people want exactly the same but any contribution of anything I will be much grateful for. (Atm I'm at 20/250 gold)

Thank for reading guys :D

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@Sila.6748 said:Would love to have the Living World Season 3 story! I have no clue if it is giftable in game via the gem store or not, if it isn't I would love to have the gold to convert over to gems...NA server here!

I've held it to myself to avoid all spoilers and all story until I play through the game story from start to finish in correct order. I've finished the Personal story, today I finished Living World season 2, and I'm just going to get started in HoT story this week... I rushed through the chapters necessary to get Gliding but I tuned out any story exposition during it all, same for PoF to get mounts.. I will be re-playing HoT from the beginning and focusing on understanding the story! I love the lore.

However, I've used up all of my spending money buying the two expansions (being a new player) and Season 2 on top of hurricane supplies for Irma earlier in the month... (being unemployed IRL any $ I get comes from art commissions or chores).I'm dedicated to understanding the story from the start, and getting Season 3 would mean I can continue my goal after I get through HoT. I also plan on completing the entire world map 100%, even for places that aren't necessary, and it would kill me to not have access to the additional maps.

Thanks for reading this. <3 Would be great to meet other story-obsessed people too!

I think you may have to save up your gold/RL money to get this. Once the Living Story has been unlocked on an account, the package for either Season 2 or Season 3 does not even show in the gem store. Also, if I remember correctly, I don't think there was an option to gift the content to another player.

Best of luck to you, and good for you for keeping yourself spoiler free until you can play through all of the content. :)

To the OP - sorry for the non-gift request post, wanted to help clear this one up.

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Blue Orchid Dye. I previewed my armor set with it and it has me drooling, but trying to save up the gold with just dailies is making me sigh the sigh of an impatient gamer.

Edit: Fulfilled! Am very grateful for the gift. Will credit the donor as soon as I get home and will try to pass the goodwill forward in the near future.

Edit2: My donor was @AegisRunestone.8672 . Thanks again for you generosity!

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---Not A Desire Post---

@fwuffyness.3158 said:

@fwuffyness.3158 said:I'd love to have a Grenth's Regalia Outfit, 30/160 gold, NA server.

I don't get to spend money on games too often, and receiving a gift like this would really make my day :)

I have it now! Many thanks to Aiwendii for your help! :D

! I'm very happy for you that your desire was fulfilled! And thank you to Aiwendii for their kindness and generosity.!! A request though, please, if you would not mind:!! *
!! As you are not yet 'Member' status and because 4 hours have passed since you made your desire post, I see that you are unable to edit your initial desire post to state that it was fulfilled.!! Please consider participating in at least 4 more discussions on the forums so that you will achieve 'Member' status.! Achieving member status will remove the comment edit time limitation and allow you to come back and edit your initial desire post.! Until you edit your initial post to state that your desire was fulfilled, your desire post is still be up there saying you would like it.! If someone does not continue reading to see your second comment stating that it was fulfilled, it will still appear that you desire the item.!! Please consider spending a few minutes to participate in other discussions to achieve 'Member' rank so you can edit your posts without a time limitation and come back here to edit your initial post to state it was fulfilled.!! Thank you. :) Happy adventuring!

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