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Earth Overload is OP and needs nerf.


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Due to recent threads about daggerstorms and rampages packing too much and apparently no counterplay I thought Id shed light on another skill..

Earth Overload...This skill packs way too much, it has:

  • Cripple
  • Immobilize
  • direct damage
  • bleed stacks
  • summons dust storm
  • applies magnetic aura
  • applies stability
  • applies protection
  • removes conditions
  • applies regen
  • applies vigor
  • applies swiftness
  • applies fury
  • increases crit damage
  • heals the user
  • breaks stun
  • blast finisher

Obviously in light of daggerstorm and rampage threads and various comments, this one skill must be broken too right?


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@"Lincolnbeard.1735" said:What's the thing thieves say to defend broken stuff? "Yes, it is broken but we're so weak we need this skill to stay broken".Also lul at thieves pretending to be in a worse spot than ele.Nah, thats a childish reaction to me pointing out how overloaded daggerstorm. All he could say "dodge block reflect invul".Anet should return PoF release state back and tell everyone "just dodge it,block invul"

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Now it only they had a trait giving them a whopping 17% rng to use skill again so we could also throw the ability to constantly spam it twice off one cooldown at will,along with our ability to infinitely skill spam due to having infinite ini and to top it off the infinite stealth and tele that thieves can do disregarding resource cost as seems to be said by most non thief players to try and defend their case that thiefs op lmao

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