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Legend swap needs to be available mid-air


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Most renegade builds are build around Charged Mists, which needs you to swap <10 energy.If you're mid-air, like half the time in Whispers of Jormag strike mission, you can't swap legends.

That leads to really annoying gameplay, for no good reason. I'm pretty sure legend swap was even available mid-air in earlier patches.

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@phokus.8934 said:

@"RabbitUp.8294" said:And remove the cd while out of combat, having to mess with the UI to do that is stupid.They had that in the 10/29 update where it was a .5s cooldown. But I guess they deemed it a bug and quickly fixed it within the hour.

Meanwhile, using an asigned skill/trait template in a Rev still demands you to manually check one by one the 6 utilities in your two legends (12 if we count underwater, also) to be sured that the game didn't change those to the "default" order. Because having bugs is a Revenant feature, and we are "the lord of the flies".

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Yes, mid-air swap would be useful! I've been trying to legend swap mid-air in WoJ too but soon realised I can't do it while gliding... many times :skull:

While we're at it, I miss the legend swap stun break for PvE, it was incredibly useful for 99cm MAMA ToT

Also.... reverse that wind up time for staff CC in PvE please... using the consummable feels more reliable than staff CC now, oof...

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@Shao.7236 said:This was already available. They randomly removed it in a patch. Trying to do anything energy related since has been horrible.

Nah it wasn't random. Revs were bouncy trolling deadeyes they killed in WvW so they complained and anet nerfed them so they could not legend swap while bouncy trolling.

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