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remove auto target and auto cancel from wvw


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@Strider Pj.2193 said:Who still uses Auto Target???

If you think Auto Target in game is an advantage........

This. Back at game launch I think most people figured this out, good way to get yourself killed.

@Dayra.7405 said:The problem is at least for me manual targeting is a mess! I useually need to click seveal times, before it actually changes the target.and even after target-change 1-2 shoots still go to the old target.

Also true.

Clicking a target is not that great, hit boxes are all over the place, clearly clicking a player and selecting something in front of them that is not even close to the area you clicked is annoying, much like clones etc on a canon, trying to click it and only ever getting the clones....WHY don't enemies have priority? Or at least a option to allow this. Same with fighting a Mesmer or the like, trying to click but them moving even slightly at times makes it just not select them for whatever reason or select a clone that's not even close. And tab targeting is annoying and at times really random, yeah, that person attacking me RIGHT in the center of my screen, yeah, lets tab to them, no....no, not the players behind them, no, NO! Not the player way off to my right! I have tried both next target and nearest target, they are both garbage in many situations.

Part of this is that in some cases the area you have to click is OVER the persons head, I remember this being an issue just targeting our guild tag because the hammer train all ran the largest chars you can make with the biggest backpack possible, as it made sniping very hard.

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Auto target, a.k.a. how to mess up all your leaps...

Besides that: if you have problems with target selecting via the mouse cursor, there are shortcuts for:

  • select closest target (for zerg fights)
  • select next target (to rotate through fast moving targets in smallscale)
  • select last target (for targets that stealth up to reselect them when they reappear)
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@Junkpile.7439 said:What autotarget do? Well it probably autotarget, but how?

I still darkly remember the text where ANet announced it, it was as usual: great words about how good it feels when using it, and how much better than the previous version it really selects what you want it to select, but no detail what it really selects :)

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@ASP.8093 said:Is the premise of this thread that auto targeting is somehow an advantage?

I think it’s more about what a pain auto target is. The simple fact that a wall can be auto targeted is ridiculous. Even being selected on a tab switch is stupid. Structures should be excluded from targeting, period. Auto targeting otherwise isn’t really bad if you don’t want to leap away from people. But it can get you killed if you leap and automatically jump into the group instead of away. ?

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The advantage auto target gives is for skills that require a single target it will select a target, but for single target channeling skills if the first target dies it will immediately target any other viable target to finish the channel. The problem as mentioned is manual targeting and tab targeting is pretty terrible in the game, tab targeting should not target anything but players. The problem with auto targeting is you don't want to use it when you have movement skills that require a target, so that you can use them freely in whatever direction you're facing instead, so take it off if you're using like warrior or ranger gs.

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