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New Stat "Customize" Menu issue.

So I logged in and was going to do some of the gauntlet. When I went to swap stats on legendary armour, the menu was completely changed. It is far slower to swap out stats as it takes several scrolls to get anywhere in the menu. The stats aren't even in alphabetic order, and there is far too much unnecessary clicking (like when you accept the changes and are asked if you're sure).

I tried at least typing the name of the stat I wanted thinking that was what they were going for, but even that doesn't work. It there any intention to fix any of this in the future?


  • Klypto.1703Klypto.1703 Member ✭✭✭
    edited July 31, 2019

    This is something that might be nice if you don't know what stats are and happen to have legendary stuff but if you took it upon yourself to make legendary gear you already know this. So this new interface is counter productive so what would be better is if you can do something or combination of the following.

    Be able to change the stat order so if you are a wvw player or just a player who uses these stats in particular being able to choose marauder, berserker, minstrel, diviner, etc.

    If you have 6 legendary armor pieces an option that will select all of the pieces to be that same stat instead of going through each one individually if you are not min maximizing stats.

    Do some kind of toggle for all that info since its not needed unless some new stat comes out we want to look at other than that I personally just see it as a bunch of bloating of the system.

    This is the last one but this one would be a great time saver for me personally and others if per say you have a full armor set of heavy armor that any character that has nothing equipped there would be able to access the legendary armors without having to move the kitchen sink a long with you each time you switch characters.

    Just a lot of micromanagement that got worse with this update I would like to see reduction in that micromanagement.

    Edited original size was way too freaking big.

  • Famine.7915Famine.7915 Member ✭✭

    They could even just be check boxes with the name beside that shows stat combo if you hover over it.

  • Vegeta.2563Vegeta.2563 Member ✭✭✭
    edited July 31, 2019

    I think the stat swap should go back to the drop down menu, but it can keep the way it swaps sigils or runes exotic versions out.. Also for legendary runes or sigils.. that should be changed to a drop down list as well..

  • Dawdler.8521Dawdler.8521 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    Or just let us rightclick and pin to top.

    The very idea that they revamped the menu without bringing any kind of "template" functionality thats literally the only thing we wanted is absolutely ridiculous.

    I expected the hidden tag to be enabled as well with no further changes in their revamped tag system it was withheld for but was disappointed.

    Dont look a gift Asura in the mouth.
    No seriously, dont. Shark teeth.

  • Netko.9271Netko.9271 Member ✭✭
    edited July 31, 2019

    At least give us the option to get the old drop-down menu if we want, new UI is so slow to click through all and confirm every time.

  • Ultramex.1506Ultramex.1506 Member ✭✭✭

    I admit i don't hate it, look neat but those stats need to be in alphabetical order and display it stat when we select cause it make scrolling down take longer

  • Adzekul.3104Adzekul.3104 Member ✭✭✭
    edited July 31, 2019

    This change is just bad and seems so unnecessary. I guess some future-proofing is part of the reason for this, but the implementation and perhaps also the timing is just unwelcome.

    Please give us alphabetical ranking/sorting in all slots in the very least. Maybe even options to change the way the stats are sorted (a checklist in the new UI maybe). Please also consider search functions.

    A suggestion for the future, if I may: Communicate changes like this in advance, and consider testing them with a small pool of players before announcing (and, of course, adjusting based upon feedback before announcing too).

  • Imagine what this game would be like with player testing and feedback.

  • Ashantara.8731Ashantara.8731 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Paradoxoglanis.1904 said:
    Imagine what this game would be like with player testing and feedback.

    We are the test personnel. ;)

  • Ged Kealmen.7210Ged Kealmen.7210 Member ✭✭
    edited August 12, 2019

    Put stat options for gear in alphabetical order and offer an "apply to selected armor" with check boxes on the armor pieces so you can swap several or all at once!

    I feel this customize menu might be a preliminary step for the build template system, and they rolled it out without thinking too much about it.

  • Charrbeque.8729Charrbeque.8729 Member ✭✭✭
    edited August 13, 2019

    Apparently, ascended gear that lets you select stats also uses this new UI. It really confused me the other day. (I was under the impression the new stat selection UI was only for legendary gear, which I have none of.)

    I wanted to work on 1 of my characters and pulled some LW3 ascended trinkets out of my bank (which had the stats reset a while back). As usual I double-clicked the trinkets to select the stats but the items equipped on my character instead. I removed them and tried again and still they just equipped when double-clicking.

    I put my mouse over the ascended trinkets and the tooltip still says "Double-Click to select stats". I found I had to right-click the items and select "Customize" to get the stat selection to come up. For a couple of minutes I actually thought my LW3 trinkets were completely broken.

    I went to Bitterfrost Frontier and bought an ascended aquabreather from the unbound magic vendor for my character afterwards and found the same thing.

    I actually like the new stat selection UI. But, the first thing I noticed was the stats not being in alphabetical order and it drives me bonkers.

    The stat selection UI could use a search box so we can start to type in the name of the stat we want and it pops up. It would make things easier.

  • Adzekul.3104Adzekul.3104 Member ✭✭✭

    Referring to the new patch notes and the changes made to this menu : thank you for listening. :-)

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