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QoL Buff and Nerf Wishlist/Request for Revenant Skills/Traits (July 27 2020)



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    @Pterikdactyl.7630 said:

    @Shao.7236 said:
    QQ Hammer still broken.

    @Pterikdactyl.7630 I added some True Nature changes in case you'd be interested.

    Those Ventari changes are on the right path to make Ventari better though.

    An interesting idea and would surely be a huge buff for a whole myriad of specs. It would be sweet to get really close to the previous 33% boon duration from ye olde Facet of Nature. 15% damage reduction sounds really yummy too. My main concern with it is that it would make Facet of Nature - Ventari too strong. It is already a very potent heal (despite the PvP version being 1 upkeep too high), but amping it up 50% would be pretty cray. Granted, Elder's Respite is really solid and would be a sacrifice to run without it if using Glint, but in WvW, being able to provide ~1.5k/hps on 10 targets from this skill alone sounds really insane. Not against your proposal, just a bit concerned that it'd be too overtuned.

    My question to you (and anyone else reading): how do you feel about Elevated Compassion? Perhaps it is just that Draconic Echo is so strong and completely overshadows the trait, but the trait feels a bit too weak to justify using. I am not sure what to suggest changing about it. Simply raising the healing coefficient, perhaps? I'd like to see this trait actually used over Draconic Echo in WvW for healing Revenants (you can reach 10 targets easily via Shared Empowerment--very important synergy). Even though I feel the trait is undertuned, I do appreciate how it is balanced: only affecting allies as opposed to self and allies.

    Elevated Compassion should be like Resilient Spirit, but only for Teammates, capped at 5 boons. Giving 5 boons at once every time should heal 5 times the amount. Doing that seems like it should have it's co-efficient nerfed a little since healing as much as 5,657 every 3 seconds could be considered a lot, though you have to activate a lot of Facets, draining your energy really fast to the point where it's not as effective as Natural Harmony which not only heals for a similar or more (Losing -5 every 1 second). I think this would be the changes it deserves because it gives Herald the ability to effectively support for a moment.

    As for those Facet of Nature changes, I got through the effort of seeing how would it be effective. To be honest, it would only be really good to do this if Invoking Harmony is not used which is likely, but also this upkeep used at -2 does really put a dent in the ability to use skills often(PvP being the absolute worst.), so I don't think it would be that bad, healing for 3.4k~ every 3 seconds is far from OP when the Tablet can do twice as better already. It's like giving up on healing potency for a bigger radius.

    Finally it's either Core Value or Elder's Respite which is quite a fair trade off because in between something that's easy to keep up and the latter being harder and possibly unstrippable with Draconic Echo, but that would mean giving up on Facets being able to heal.

    All this talk is actually making me think that this could solve the never ending problem of Ventari Tablet being too hard for people to follow or care about with the Facet of Nature. Although I hope you can see where this is going, giving effectively Herald the ability to support with good healing or increase the targets for Ventari to do the job, both can't be achieved however which is where things balances out.

    Ventari would be an even better mobile area of peace that heals reliably if Core Value had those changes, which to the closer people go to the center of that peace (Tablet, which the player is likely to have near him.), the stronger the healing, this last sentence is just a clever saying over the design.

    Willing to help with anything Revenant related.

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    Elevated compassion needs to affect 10 players, still atm is already way more strong than guardian virtue passive heal...wich if I recall it’s the max heal value divided by 3 since it ticks per sec part of total value

    It is in a weird spot, my best option would be merge it withnsome other trait.

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    I read through the whole thing and I can put a more detailed response later but I just wanted to talk about some renegade stuff I'd like to see changed (from a pvp renegade perspective)
    1) Valid pathing for the summons needs to go away. There are so many random spots you can't summon on, or if the enemy/you kites at all, you lose all use of your utils' access for pathing reasons.
    2) Summons need to have some stab, evade, or invuln duration at the start of their channel time so you can at least get them to activate right away. I have had many a time when I summon one, and someone happens to drop a big aoe cc right after then suddenly the summons don't work for the next 5 seconds cause they don't have stunbreaks and have to re-channel the start of their effects which by then aren't worth having since you needed them about 5 seconds ago
    3) Bleed on hit summon should be turned into either some form of condi removal, or some form of damage reduction (renegade's heal has a 50% condi reduction, so doing a bit of dmg reduction wouldn't be impossible) but I'd prefer to see condi removal for team over just more dmg reduction.
    4) Daze on hit summon should either pulse stab to the renegade while they are in the vicinity of the skill, or the base stab needs to be 3 stacks for like 5 seconds. Right now, renegade is laughably punishable through cc in addition to having no safety nets (invulns, glint heal, extreme stab access, etc.) giving better access to stab that will allow the rev to get off the necessary skill casts and perform better against really every build currently in game since they all have a wide range of cc to use.

    Just like you mentioned with the shortbow, the #3 is clunky, I'd honestly like to see it keep the current functionality but let the converge point adjust based on where you put the cursor so that aiming the attack is doable and provides good payoff. Honestly, the 2 skill isn't very helpful either and I'd love to see it turn into some sort of blinding shot, or evade backwards and cripple your foe skill.

    These changes would make renegade functional for pvp and would really help to clean up a ton of it's flow issues. Probably not gonna happen, but it'd be nice if it did.

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    I just noticed your post after I already posted my idea.
    Since I can't delete posts, I hope you don't mind posting it here too.

    Also, before that, I'd like to add that I find Revs Hammer pretty weak.
    Hammers should do a lot more damage, since it's blunt damage.
    I know that because its skill 1 is a distant hit, it's classed as projectile rather than melee, so I'd like to see that changed too.
    Skill 1 should be a melee hit combo.
    Remove the smoke wall thingy and place the projectile in there.

    I've got an idea for Core revenant.

    Instead of having just the current F2 skill to recharge energy, you could do the following.

    We could have an F3 key that would display a symbol, according to the two legends matched up.

    For instance, if you match Shiro, and Demon, we get Ying Yang symbol, which once ready, we'd get boons and a mash up power of the two.

    Such as Embrace the Darkness + Impossible Odds.
    So we'd gain; Torment + Quickness = Bonus effect of Fear or Vulnerability.

    Another example.
    Great Dwarf + Centaur.
    We'd get like a benevolence symbol.
    We'd gain; Toughness + Regeneration = Bonus Resistance.

    Great Dwarf + Demon.
    Toughness + Torment = Bonus Distortion.

    Well, you get the idea with that.

    The symbol skill would take 60 seconds to recharge, and would use the existing upkeep energy bar; using 6 upkeep bars.

  • Shao.7236Shao.7236 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Updated to reflect more on the current meta.

    Willing to help with anything Revenant related.

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    Since this got bumped, chaos facet making you hear protection application sound every 2.5 seconds is a serious quality of life issue, and needs to be addressed. If the duration is going to stay the boon needs to be something that wont make a sound when applied, having it apply aegis over a longer duration may be interesting. Aside from that id just like sword 4 to get its block back and to have more stun break accessibility all around and then wed be good. As things are right now, if you get disabled right after you swap legends to break stun, you are ded, other classes with slottable utils can choose not to have this problem, rev cannot do this.

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    Got some Sword Suggestions which people will call me crazy for, but I'm gonna do it.

    Autos - Fine.
    Chilling Isolation - Fine.

    Things I want :

    Unrelenting Assault :

    • Changed to 600 cast range.

    Deathstrike - Reworked

    New Deathstrike :

    • Begin Blocking the next hit.
    • After blocking an attack, skill can be recast to shadow step to the target dealing heavy damage and putting the skill into cooldown.
    • Can be recasted early for a 600 range backstep and putting the skill into cooldown.

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    @Yasai.3549 said:
    Unrelenting Assault :

    • Changed to 600 cast range.

    i would wish, if it starts to cast ,drains energy AND goes on cooldown it should go through no matter what.