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1 hour ago, Strider Pj.2193 said:

You’re new here aren’t you…?

Yeah, he's not yet used to getting treated worse while paying for the same expansions.

Hey kid! Get in line and transfer a bit so the LW players can have their next free bi-monthly content and stuff!

Don't demand updates on such trivial things as being able to play your mode when we've given you plenty of backstory on your next trait trees 🧐.

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3 hours ago, Sviel.7493 said:

I think they're waiting on the blog post about what went wrong with alliances two weeks ago.  The upcoming elite spec beta may be delaying that, but I don't know how interrelated these things are on the back end.

Would love to hear about what they do with this alliance thing

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5 hours ago, Svarty.8019 said:

If you're looking for info on the next elite specs, they something about the 20-something'th of the month during the last twitch stream.

I think people are mostly meme'ing about how this post didn't age very well:

And how they forgot about us ... again 😉

There were some other comments mentioning a new blogpost etc., but I'm not fussed enough to track it down atm.


I'll qoute myself since I can't /spoiler in edits

Ed. just to be serious for second here: We're obviously not trying to shoot the messenger, I think its awesome that Grouch is communicating and I'm sure he has alot of stuff to deal with right now that makes forgetting or having to postpone something without a timely comment a bit of a risk. However, when it comes to the studio, there is a precedence and continued oopsies about WvW isn't very reassuring. Of all the things to get wrong it is quite unfortunate that it was WvW, again. I mean the silence and uncertainties, not the beta.

When they communicate that WvW is not going to be overlooked going forward, it begs the question when they intend to start (?). Because they have yet to begin, Grouch's few posts aside. No priorities seem made in our favour as of yet. I think what worries people more so than anything else right now (after the shortlived beta attempt) is that Alliances will get further pushed behind EoD and any other attention to WvW pushed even further down the pipeline. Something that has happened before and risks happening again now.



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Wait, the labelling of wvw as the cornerstone, and the 30 min preview beta of the pre alpha of the alpha wasn't enough to sedate you all until after the expansion? you want a blog too? ugh you people are so hard to please, just buy the expansion and ask for another blog in three years.

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  • ArenaNet Staff

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience. The process took a bit longer than I anticipated - that's on me. We wrapped up the draft of the blog post today and it's now being routed through our editing team and localization (for DE/FR/ES players). It was over 1,500 words last I looked, so it'll take a few days for that to get processed. Early next week is a safe bet.



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