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Great Timing the 10yr Anniv to Steam Release. How old is your account today?

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Mine is 3,633 days old and 10,134 hours playtime. Mostly in Pvp and in the past WvW though Im getting back on that. I have all the expacs but may create a new account via Steam to support anet and guide the new players if needed. I have an EU account but it only has HoT and seldom log on it. 

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Old enough that I have some monthly achievement points. I honestly don't know. My oldest characters have HoT creation dates because I deleted my entire roster from sometime before 2015 to move servers for low cost (which was unbelievably stupid, but hey, teenage logic). 


Alas, I will never get my necro back 😭

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3,346 days old, 3,101 hours played. Based on character dates, started mid 2014, then left at the end of 2015, came back briefly in 2017 (don't remember that, couldn't have been long based on the hours), and then left again until early this year.

Some of that time is being minimized at a hub tho lol.

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