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for the love of christ tell us something


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i learned a long long time ago to never play on resets.. being uk and born on euro server, going to na server was the best choice i ever made..not for any other reason than lag and queues... not being one to like playing in zergs its suited me great.. i still have alts on some eu servers and every now and then il check out a reset..or just what its like on eu at any given moment... and hittting a reset or near prime time is even worse than it was a few year back.... the game mode in general is worse... but for some reason (probably the combat) im still playing.... best thing to do is take a break completely from the game every now n then.

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@freecarl.1320 said:

@Jayden Reese.9542 said:Tbh. Once you said Mag bl you lost me. There is no way at any point during the day Mag even goes to their bl nvm 45 on it at once

Well if they already had 60 players manning siege in SMC, the overflow have to go somewhere.

It was CL and EINS, mag is a watered down shell of itself :cry:

Sigh and t3 is such hot garbage this week, just about enough to rethink having no links and old glicko walls back so full servers can't tank their way to the bottom anymore.

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