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I'm hooked.


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I wish the entirety of human race would have played it from the beginning.Yesterday I was stumbling around in the desolation and at one point when I stood still for a second I gazed upon a landscape and sky so beautiful I thought it's actually amazing some people dont recognize it. This game has some incredible art and design in it. I agree that on certain spots it's sometimes a bit too much, but overall it's truly awesome.

Oh, and hi.

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When I started playing, it was my first-ever 3D MMO. (Had just got over getting motion sickness from 3D games) I ran my little pre-mount character around the maps, staring in awe at all the amazing scenery. Couldn't believe how varied and beautiful it was, and that they even made an effort to make underwater look fabulous.

Welcome to Tyria, kindred spirit!

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@Asturias.1064 said:This game is beyond beautiful...

My PC is not great so I play with low settings which dulls the graphics. Recently, my video driver updated and somehow changed graphic settings. When I played GW2 again I couldn't believe how intricately detailed and gorgeous the characters and landscapes were. But it made my game run poorly so I went back to recommended graphic settings.

Anyway, welcome and enjoy!

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