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i just had pretty much the best idea ever

Stand The Wall.6987

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Ok, build the woodpile and bring your torches.

I think we should get mounted combat skills. These should also be masteries that can be trained into. In an ideal system you can unlock them all but can't spec them all like we have for traits. Would add a whole other line of options and create even more depth in builds. I run support while mounted but dps while on foot, I use a mounted healer, tank while on foot....

I know balance....vets versus beginners....not my wvw.....change is bad....insert random thing here....

But more tools in the sandbox means more variety means retaining people that are looking for new thing means more and varied fights means longer game retention. To anyone that was playing Warhammer in the last hour in the last fights when the servers were powered off..... War Never Ends (Yeah not looking at you Fallout, but you branded it).

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haha, you scared anet is actually dumb enough to do this?

Portable Cannons, Golem Rush Event, Toxic Alliance Event, Repair Hammers, Megaservers, World linking, Warclaw, Gliders, Jumppads, Megalaser, Barricades, vertical map design, Shadowportal...

I'm scared.


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