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Most well liked mount skins

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Shrine Guardian for the jackal (the teleport animation looks great)

Synergetics Gyrocycle for the beetle (it's just a cool bike)

Shimmerwing for the skyscale (has a cool summoning animation)

Synergetics Hoverbike for the skimmer (I like the unst unst unst unst noise it makes when you hover with it lol)

Blazing Tigris for the gryphon (just looks cool)

Blazing Cuckoo for the springer (looks cute)

Dreadnaught for the raptor (I like armored mounts)

Branded Warclaw for the warclaw (The colors are nice and it looks cool)

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I mainly pick mounts to fit the characters theme, for example one of my elementalists has mounts which look like elementals (earth for raptor, air for griffon etc) so I have a long list of ones I like, but only for specific purposes. 

But some of the exceptions are the "armadillo" roller beetle (which is clearly a pangolin), the bioluminescent skyscale and the nian warclaws (which are just really pretty). 

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43 minutes ago, kharmin.7683 said:

Tiger skin for my jackal.  My ranger now has tiger mount, tiger pet and tiger spirit mini.  🙂

Now you need a certain short bow and tiger training guide for a tiger cub backpack.

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Raptor...branded (love how it dyes)

Springer...woodland sprite (cute!)

Skimmer.... hummingbird or glaucus (lovely and cool animations)

Jackal...lucent vulpine, white tiger, primal spirit, or noble aurochs (can't decide on one lol, I love them all, so I rotate them around)

Griffon...cloud stalking tigris and plush griffon (but only for Wintersday lol)

Roller beetle...starshell or synergetics gyrocycle (both are just fun and leave neat trails)

Skyscale... shimmerwing 

Turtle...painted river ( like painted turtles irl lol)

And warclaw.... vigilant saberclaw and tiger soul nian 

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Skimmer hummingbird, 

Raptor Dreadnaught

Shimmerwing skyscale

The jackal skin which looks a bit like a Great Bernard

Griffon is the lion head 

Warclaw is a tough one. I like the sabretoothed one and I like the Spartan tiger one. I do use the bear one, but it scales poorly for Norns and the dye channels don’t highlight bits very well.

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These are my current faves.... they do change from time to time but this is what my main is rocking right now.


Raptor - Canthan Raptor

Springer - Sinister Feline

Skimmer - Synergetics Hoverbike

Jackal - Darkmist Moorhound

Griffon - Darkmist Shrike

Warclaw - Dark Hunter Nian

Skyscale - Darkmist Terror

Beetle -  Synergetics Gyrocycle

Turtle - Deepwater Barbshell


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I think it's called Striped Grimalkin (the Warclaw). I love how fuzzy it is.


For other mounts:
Raptor - Gallant

Springer - Any chubby birb one (Canthan Trio/Cuckoo skins)

Skimmer - Dajkah Lantern or Hummingbird or Oceanic Ray or Open Ocean Glaucus

Jackal - Mischievous Woods Vulpine or Vabbian Lightpaw.... or Shrine Guardian

Griffon - Snow Stalker

Skyscale - Shimmerwing

Beetle - Trailblazer

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