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gf left me coz of ladderboard (remastered)


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Since the original got deleted some time ago from gw2 forum archives and as human species we should aim to preserve our greatest achievements for the next generations, I bring to you and the new Steam frens the original, legendary post from mighty mike, the greatest forum post of all time for the 10th anniversary. Enjoy.


OK gusie listen
im decent pvp
but my gf left me
coz of lederborsd
i mean W T F
i enter new lederrbord after reset
and i say i am decent
i adapt
i see no gaurd so i think ok go gaurd
i go imba heal guard
adn i am gona mid
and i heal and i heal and i heal moar
but w t f
i am alone
no one helps no loves
i die no win
next game i say ho ho ho no guard no gaurd at all i go imba power crit
but guy at srat say ok gusy lisen plan
1 close 1 animal 1 far rest mid
ok ok i say i am mid coz far is noob
burt map say i am 1 mid rest animal no close no far
and i die hard lol
then enters next
and i say lol i know now i follow plan noooobs
w t f skyham
i change imba engi canon trololol
so caanon here i comes
1 mesmer hiding and pul no prob i push and push broken glass canon
all mine
i shoot a shoot b shoot c
w t f
non see abc
they all canon gate coz it cause no push nothing just fight fight fight
chase chase chse
i say go b go a and go c
all say lol noob u here for golds
gf now half interest
i say ok lissen good i win next i go up 90%
but i dont
all ranks 10 for goold
next is same and next
70% and down
ranks down too
i go guard i am mad no guard love
i go engi bunker power right no nothing
i do ele i go war ooops w t f war nerfes
69% and down
gf dont impresss say she leaving now
all is vain


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I don't think i've ever gotten so emotional over a forum post, not even on condi mirage threads.

Beautiful poetry and I thank you for sharing your struggle, very brave 👏 😭


I assure you all is not vain. Its just... in this particular case...

Well; I ain't sayin' she's a gold digger, but she clearly isn't messin' with nobody who can't stay on the leaderboard. Plenty of fish in the sea.

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