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Things That Could Have Been Tried


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Remember when Anet had a willingness to try things? Ye ye, they come back once every few years and talk the good talk, try something and then immediately abandon it. I'd like to just throw these ideas at you motley lot and see what sticks. I'm suggesting them in the format of a weekly event, but that's just because I think that's a reasonable time to try them, for starters;

- No righteous indignation week
- No stealth week
- Mount Stomp week
- No boons/conditions week
- Old dragon banner week
- Banner-the-Lord week
- Workers week, workers repair walls and doors again, because players get nothing for doing it now

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And don't forget fractal instabilities in WvW, like

- "No Pain, No Gain" - enemies gain boons when hit

- "Social Awkwardness" - players are pushed away from each other

- "Toxic Sickness" - team members will periodically be affected with vomit-inducing sickness. Combatants struck by vomit are debilitated and inflicted with conditions.



That would be an interesting week!!!

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Friendly fire week

Player collision turned on week

Asuras are catapult ammunition week

Charr can be used as mounts week

free for all week (yes I like chaos, why do you ask?)

Return of the symbolic avenger bug week

golem-only week

Constantly intoxicated week nvm that’s just saturday.

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