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Some things over the years I want to say Thanks for


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Like most people I think I only come to the forums when I have a problem, but I was thinking about some quality of life changes and other additions to the game and I wanted to say how much I appreciate them.

  • "Use All" for bags/boxes, as well as "Salvage All" (remember a time before that??)
  • The Wildhorn Springer skin. <3
  • Making dyes account bound
  • Transmutation charges (instead of crystals)
  • Autoloot
  • Ascended gear stat swapping
  • HoT/PoF stat gear rings purchasable in wvw, pvp, and fractals

There have been a lot of changes I've bemoaned over the years, but these have absolutely made my gw2 life so much better. Thank you, whoever is responsible!

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if only the ascended gear stat changing was out when ascended gear came out... I've vendored a fair few pieces of ascended gear because it was unusable stats, now I just see that as 100-200g down the drain...

My favorites were:

  • Account bound legendaries
  • EoTM (even though I probably only have 2-3 hours on the map)
  • The wallet system
  • Account bound dies
  • WvW rank system
  • Being able to actually make money and not lose money from WvW
  • The ranked PvP reward system
  • Triumphant/Glorious armor boxes
  • The ability to craft precursors (even though it's a little too much pve for me)

And although unrelated to games updates

  • Anet customer service

Updates that were probably for the better but I'm still sad/salty about even though I'm wrong:

  • PvP locker removal
  • Making PvP levels easier to get
  • Changing Edge of the Mists
  • Adding desert BL to WvW
  • Changing the Obsidian Sanctum blood bath entrance
  • Taking away super adventure box for the first time (I know there were others but I wasn't playing this game at that time)
  • Making core accounts that had the game pre-ordered for months pretty much useless after the expansions (I get it it's business)
  • Taking initiative out of guilds
  • BREAKING THE TRAIT SYSTEM ( I loved the customization of the old system, it was my favorite thing about the game and you took it away)

In total I'm pretty stoked with this game, played for 2 years, took 3 years off after they ruined the trait system by taking away trait points and stats given from trait lines. But would you look at that I am back, bought both expansions packs, got two friends who I played with during those two years to do the same, all because they have a pretty good game here. I know if Anet looks trough my chat history or forum history that can tell that I love to complain about everything I don't like, but when push comes to shove this is still the game that I recommend to my friends and this is once again the only game that I play. Only reason that I have historically been so picky and kitten annoying about it is that it has always been so close to a perfect game and I've just always wanted to see it take that last little step.

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A lot of Quality of Life things happened over the years I've grown to fully appreciate. Of all these:

  • Salvage all x (seriously, to break down all fine, or all fine/masterwork saved a lot of clicks)
  • Most often used 'complex' chef ingredients got their own spot in the materials storage
  • 'Use All' bags - You really oughta know how much I appreciate this
  • Improved visibility for most attack telegraphs (It's still being polished but it's a step)

Major things that I appreciate:

  • Granting glider capabilities in Central Tyria, and later mounts for when you gained them
  • Living World Seasons -- brings extra depth between major releases, I consider these a procedural major release myself but YMMV
  • Trait progression with Path of Fire elite specs -- it was great to get a working 'core' build before focusing on its utility skills. Wish that would've happened with HoT
  • Legendary Journeys -- making the task a major personal achievement (to a broad degree, I'll iterate below)

Minor things that I still feel could be worked upon:

  • World vs. World -- I know you're working on balance and tweaks, but sometimes it feels like regretting your choice of home.
  • Legendary Journeys -- locking some components behind modes you have no interest in. As someone who has no intent to run outright PvP, it's OK that you have moved some of the required things to market-capable, but trying to pull someone into doing a mode they have nothing about brings what I call "late to the party syndrome" -- you're in the new thing, now what the heck are you supposed to do that everyone does so well?
  • Some skills were majorly reworked, but there should be more active discussions about upcoming major changes that could possibly make or break builds on a wide scale. Your approach to the mesmer rework was a step in the right direction, don't get me wrong -- but we should have more of these in the future, not only to dicuss changes, but find a common ground for all types of players: WvW; PvP; and PvE general, raid, and fractal crew.

(Oxfordism isn't my specialty, so pardon if my words are a bit off. I think you'll understand :) )

Overall, things are looking to be in the right direction. The minor things just need a bit more attention and address. And of course, major things out of this domain of a wall of text should always be discussed.

I'm happy to be a player of Guild Wars 2. It may have its shortcomings, but there's a lot more to overshadow it. Here's to many more years.

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Things I'm most thankful for .... WvW improvements ... after years of neglect the black sheep of the family got to know the feeling of being included.

Karka Queen release event, Dungeons when they were relevant, Fractal release (even though I don't go in them much), story mode (easy for my kids to play/understand) .... I've gotten 4 accounts for my family to enjoy and all have ascended mains .... Ascended equipment , may as well appreciate that (although I still think from a finite standpoint jewelmaker should go to 500 on principle). The wallet was a big win.

Can't say much for sPvP but I hear it's way more loved than WvW - still not that interesting.

Something I hope for in the future ... to make use of my ascended aqua breather ... just kinda a waste right now, but I thought the deep sea dragon eyes opened. Been waiting for him to shake things up for 5 years now.

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All in all, thanks ANet, for providing many of us with thousands of hours of joy, fun, happiness, accomplishment and sometimes frustration!Most of all, I appreciate that you gave me a long-time hobby which I never get tired off (given, I don't play 10 hours a day, but anyway). Please keep your stride! IMHO, you made some very good decisions in the last months, PoF and LS4E1 being the latest... the only thing I am absolutely not d'accord with is the nerfing of Shield Bash... why ANet?!? :p

Apart from that, I love what you did so far. Thanks for all of that! <3

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The discounted fractal keys, moved to top. (first 2 days annoying, after it paradise)One click, open all fractal encryption.You can farm potions in recommended, and if not used sell for relics.Bringing back alpine borderland due to feedback.Addition of shared slots made my life much easierMistlock sanctuary. All the other passes have a least a few niggles (X npc is not here, to small, not cosy, etc). This is first Pass that is so good, that it feels like i don't need another one.Gold to gem conversion. Technically, this was done at mercy of Anet, and they can remove it if they want it. But i think it's a great feature.Normalizing Sword auto attacks, so they are usefull on all professions.Birthday gifts are amazing (especially the dye's)Living story permanent/replayable.Wvw /pvp reward tracksWvw claim ticket track/pvp league ticket trackQueue'ing again outside of heart of the mist!! <3Generally very good support (my friend deleted a precursor, but he screenshotted it to me, i pointed him out he just deleted 'the legend'.) Lots of ppl said 'don't worry i had good experience with support). They gave it back to him indeed. 500g richer. Thanks to me and Anets 'mercy'. A lot of companies would handle this different.Plus all the others posted above here.

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I agree with most of the above. What makes the game for me is the details. They give it life. For example: every now and then, the ambient conversations around Divinity's Reach change. Small things are animated and active. These details make it a lot easier to be immersed in the game.

Aslo, the storytelling has been, by and large, epic.

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This is such a great post!

Here's some stuff I love (gonna repeat stuff from above, too):

  • Salvage all
  • Salvage by rarity
  • Open/Use all
  • Account-wide wardrobe
  • Account-wide dyes
  • Reward tracks

And then above and beyond the QoL stuff, I also love:

  • Guild Halls
  • Parts of past Living Story stuff being turned into Fractals
  • The awesome dialogue
  • Canon gay and lesbian characters
  • A canon trans woman character
  • Everything about Taimi
  • PoF maps being much easier to navigate after HoT feedback
  • The music -- beautiful!
  • The new human faces released right before PoF
  • Lunar New Year
  • Plot twists in the story
  • Toys like Bobblehead Laboratory and Aviator's Memory
  • The pretty wedding-ish place in new Lion's Arch
  • Excellent customer service. I mean excellent. I've always been treated respectfully by all ANet staff.
  • Easter eggs and cool references, like Gorseval having "World Eater" and "Many Become One" and other skills that make me think of Dormmamu
  • No gear treadmill!
  • You can jump right into PvP without having to be max level or grind for gear
  • Action combat -- dodging is so cool
  • Level scaling so you can easily group with friends
  • Waypoints
  • Dyeable mounts
  • Crafting, especially how it gets faster when you craft lots of things of the same type
  • The Gem Store isn't Pay to Win -- even when people complained about RNG stuff with the mount skins, it was all over aesthetics and not actually PTW
  • The fact that you never out-gear raids -- one set of gear is all you need for any raids in the game
  • Festivals in general -- cool items, beautiful re-designs of areas, new achieves
  • The ability to unlock things from PvE and PvP, so that if I get tired of messing around in an area, I can switch my reward track, go squish some people in PvP, and get the rewards that way instead
  • Friendly and open devs who care about players' opinions (and put up with a lot of verbal abuse, holy geez)
  • Gliding!
  • And prolly a lot more that I've forgotten atm.
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Gonna post again for Legendary Precursor crafting, the collection/adventure aspect was a great addition that added a lot of personal meaning and charm to crafting legendary weapons. The Gizmos you can get from some (such as the chromatic ooze) are awesome. Now if only my Tyrian star charts from Astralaria were useable...

For players who enjoy the ambient npc dialogue, there's a great blog called http://talk-of-tyria.tumblr.com . I've played some 14k hours and still hadn't encountered a ton of these little conversations between npcs. I love them!Also Ohai @Gaile Gray.6029

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Just echoing the chorus with the following points below, yet it's nice to read, remember, and add/echo to. A progressively changing game that keeps getting better and better in most aspects, compared to how it started out as. These are the QoL additions that I can remember to have had a profound effect, personally speaking:

  • Making acended/legendary items account bound
  • Adding Wardrobe/changing the transmutation system
  • Reducing daily objective requirements to 3 + gold incentive
  • AoE looting
  • Continually expanding wallet/material storage to include more items
  • Adding milestone rewards for achievement points
  • Adding salvage/loot/consume all
  • Separating Obsidian Sanctum from EBG
  • Balance of length of certain fractal dungeons
  • Discovery of small yet notable changes in vanilla maps (that may or may not have been mentioned in any patch notes)

It's been a fun ride, and hoepful that it may continue to be so for a while more!

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@bearawr.9847 said:Removing WVW from map completion (ugh it was so hard)

As a wvwer, I also hated that. At the time, queues were a real problem and players coming in to do pve stuff meant wvwers couldnt play on the maps they wanted to. Plus, personally, fighting pvers was like shooting fish in a barrel. It didn't make me feel strong, just kinda disappointed and mean. On the other hand I do kinda miss escorting Pvers who asked for help in map. :p

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Spending the money and time to record a library of original sounds (but come on... someone is faking those owl sounds, right? :# )

FoV slider & 1st person option

Asura poppin'

Never raising the level cap <3

Account bound features My name is Karl, I'm an altoholic

Meta events, no one does 'em better

Palawa Joko the Inevitable, the last Primeval King, the Undying, the Scourge of Vabbi, the Feared, the Beloved, and the Eternal Monarch of All

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